Saturday, April 12, 2008

Side Guys In The House!

Yikes. Cheryl and I went to the Palazzo last night to catch Ricky & Paul et al in The Salute Lounge. Place was crawlin' with A-Listers, both just hangin' and sittin' in. I lost track. I shoulda brought a notebook and pen. Some of the peeps sittin' in: Brandon Fields; my dear friend Ronnie Foster; Steve Poncar; Howard Arthur; Tim Scott (who's gonna be in my upcoming Volume Two "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast, BTW); Brad Cordle (yow-EEE! The Pavarotti of blues!); Stephanie Calvert (Steph sings her ass off!); and another drummer cat who's name I wasn't able to get.

It was a major hang. Word is that they're gonna be back next month to do it again. Stay tuned for the dates. BTW, John Wedemeyer will be back in residency in The Salute Lounge now starting today. I think Ronnie said they were starting at 8:45 pm nightly this week, maybe 4 pm today.

I don't have a lot of time right now, gotta go run and hang with Mom and Dad at the nursing homes today. But, here are a few pics:

Above, Joey Finger is a slammin' fine drummer. BTW: Glad to see the house let 'em lose those gawdawful electric tubs in favor of a real kit. Makes a world of difference in the total band sound, and a lot better for the drummer.

Mindless funny stuff, apropos of nothing, just cuz it's my blog. These cats are too wild.


Y'know, I'm startin' to get irritated. This unauthorized BobbyG impersonator is showing up everywhere these days. Below, from the cover of a Sam Ash / Fender brochure I just got.

I'm not gettin' any resids here, dang it. Cat is all scruffy-lookin', too. At least I keep my 'tee 'n stuff trimmed up politely.



I keep exhorting Jerry and the guys to focus increasingly on original tunes, which they are doing with utter panache and thundering gusto, as I'm sure all of you who've heard some of the brand new songs will attest. But, given the mind-numbing excellence of their covers, those are always cool too. Jerry says that the covers are like laying out plates of hors d'oevres, appetizers with essential familiarity, but served up in ways others simply cannot formulate.

And, of course, Santa Fe peeps all have their favs that they'd like to see the band do, me included. Here's one of mine:

That classic Steve Winwood "Higher Love" song is so badass (right up there with Toto stuff), and has a great message. So, yeah, that'd be one of my top pics. It's got all the base ingredients -- herd-of-elephants funk groove, keys out the wazoo, killer harmony and lead vocals, horn lines (which FCH would, of course, re-do in a way that'd fry your synapses).


Below, Stevie on stage with that pesky, dad-gumbed unauthorized BobbyG impersonator who so bedevils my world.

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