Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Palms gig April 14th - Dr. Lenny in the House!

Let me begin by shouting out sincere thanks to Presentation Services A/V's Chuck Butler for making sure the lights were up and running way better than last Monday (I think I'm gonna stay with those orange-ish wash floods. Tired of the blue/magenta look, and I seemed to get better pics tonight overall).

I simply emailed Chuck earlier today, told him my frustration and concern, and he dealt with it. Thanks, bro'.

Dr. Lenny The Lopez is back in town briefly and came to cover for the unavailable Johnny Johnson. I know lotsa folks were thrilled to walk in and see him onstage. Yes! Lenny absolutely fried "Brother to Brother" tonight.

Also subbing again tonight for Jamie was Bad Boy Abe LaMarca.

Our special audience guests tonight were Rick Such and Brice Bowman of Earshot Audio-Post in Indianapolis. Rick is also co-host, along with Eddie Cabello, of the awesome Inside MusiCast podcast venture.

These cats have done some of the baddest interview podcasts in the business. I got hip to them through our bro' Bill Champlin (nice pic, Bill, LOL), whom they interviewed a while back.

Great work, dudes. You gotta do an interview with Jerry soon. He has a great story to tell. We were very pleased to have you with us tonight.

UPDATE: a pic Rick Such just sent me. Way cool.

OK, before I continue, I gotta once again pump this Sunday's Norman Kaye Benefit concert at The Orleans (12 noon):

(Click the image to enlarge.)

Please be there.


More of tonight's pics (got a pretty good stash of keepers this time. See what you think):

Above: The amazing Tony Davich of Phoenix sat in again and tore up "Soul Trilogy."

OK, now some silly stuff. Rob and Phil and I were standing and talking in the rear of the lounge after the show, right by the area where we do the CD sales. A sign on the wall by the curtain (below) caught Phil's eye, 'WTF?"

Uh, OK, whatever.

Below, I stopped on the side of the I-15 southbound on-ramp at Flamingo on my way home and quickly snapped this night shot of the under-construction City Center outa my car window. It just looked cool.

Uh, OK, whatever.

Below: owing to the Economic Recession That Dare Not Speak Its Name, the Palms is having to cut back their entertainment budget. They found a swell lounge act that can undercut Santa Fe's price (and fits the light grid better to boot). These cats start in The Lounge in May:

LOL! Just JIVIN'!!!

Snappy drummer, 'eh? Pepe, you're toast, bro'.

Thanks to Tim Scott for emailing me that YouTube link. ROTFLMFAO. Also from Tim:

A letter arrives at Gene Krupa's house addressed to "The World's Best Drummer."

Krupa says, "This isn't for me, I'm not the world's best drummer." He sends it to Louie Bellson, who also refuses to open it.

It goes around to all the great drummers until it reaches Buddy Rich, who says, '"This is for me," and opens it. The letter begins

"Dear Ringo..."


( click poster image to enlarge )

Piano-Rick Arroyo
Bass- Jiovanni Sanchez
Bongos- David Romero
Congas- Alex De Jesus
Timbales- Alex Leon Jr.
Trumpet - Chandler Judkins
Trombone- Kevin Stout
Sax/ Flute - Rob Mader
Lead Vocals/ Trombone - Juan (Tiny) Colon

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