Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday April 7th gig at The Palms

Tonight we got special guests starting off the evening (not sayin' who). Be there. You'll dig it.

Also, FYI: Below, an iPhone pic Joey T sent me of our friend Kurt Kolstad playin' a gig recently, with a live mp3 clip Kurt just sent me.

To think that I had the great fortune of gigging with this fine cat 33 years ago, man! (OMG, that hair!) Kurt continues to battle the shit out of his cancer. He is a great cat. And a serious, Serious Bad Boy on tubs (writes, sings, plays guitar and keys too).


Our special guests tonight were Ben Travers (below, left) and Stuart Carter-Smith (right) of the UK Gypsy Jazz duo "Gypsy Fire," whom I reported on earlier regarding their show the past weekend with Mundo's "Hot Club of Las Vegas."

When Mundo told me they were comin' to the Santa Fe gig tonight, after playing a date down in Palm Springs, I thought it'd be cool were they to sit in and show their stuff.

I was right. They gained a bunch of new friends and fans tonight. Tore it up. Peeps started out wonderin' 'what, uh, is this?' but by the end of their second tune, they'd blown it out and won everyone over.

Below: Gabe came up and played the Cajon with them. It was too cool.

Couple more pics for now:

That turned out be be a pretty cool way to start off what was yet another great Santa Fe evening. Gentlemen, thank you for coming in and performing. Stevie, thanks for handling the extra front-of-house logistics. Fans, thank you for the gracious and enthusiastic reception accorded our new friends from across the Pond. Some fine, fine guitar work that was.

Bad Boy Abe LaMarca subbed again for the out-of-town Jamie tonight. Oh, yeah!

More shots below, then I gotta crash. Got an event to go to in the morning. More tomorrow. Sorry for the pukey "Sweeney Todd" hue on a lot of these. Light grid problems again (main pars were locked up at about 40% of where they needed to be, which caused the blue floods to be too much, and I couldn't change the flood colors either in the laptop).

Above: The Wigfall was playin' crazy good tonight! His rides were smokin'!

Before I crash: FYI, The Side Guys are back this Thursday and Friday in the Salute Lounge at the Palazzo, 9 pm. No cover, no minimum to witness some of the baddest cats in the business. Save the dates. Be there. Cheryl and I will be.

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