Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

I hope everyone will have a fun and safe holiday weekend. 232 years ago a bunch of American colonial cats with an aggregate bad attitude toward authority threw down collectively for the record. It took them seven years to prevail against the Crown (Treaty of Paris, 1783), then four more to hash out a Constitution, followed by two more to get the thing ratified, so the formal birthday of our constitutional government is actually March 4th, 1789. But, July 4th is when they told the British king and his peeps "up your 'face'."

I always regard these particular national holidays (including Memorial Day and Veterans' Day) as much more than just excuses for 3 day weekends and lame Dollar Daze! sales. Lotta people continue to sacrifice long and hard for our country. Lotta people would like to take us down.

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