Sunday, July 13, 2008

MOSAIC throws it DOWN!

OK, this was the first of two benefit performances on behalf of arts in Nevada education. The second show is again at The Clint Holmes Theater in Harrah's tomorrow evening at 7:30 pm. If you can make it, please attend and support the effort. It was truly spectacular. MOSAIC is destined for huge success, they are so off-the-hook fine. Not only are their aggregate and individual vocal talents simply unreal (click the audio embed below, original cut from their new CD), these cats are majorly funny!

Clint hosted, and also sang (dazzlingly, as always).

The show started with some incredible dancing, directed by Bette Midler Show dance cast member Katy Tate. I shot a number of pics (see below), but all from my seat in the audience, didn't wanna be a distraction. Coulda got a lot more high quality and dramatic shots were I working the room like I usually do.

I was gratified at the large, enthusiastic turnout. The theater was very close to full. Like I said, another great show tomorrow evening at 7:30 pm. A worthy cause, and you will get top-of-the-line entertainment value, I am not kidding.

Also FYI, MOSAIC will be doing another benefit gig, this time with members of The Jersey Boys, on the 23rd at VOX Lounge (south side, Horizon Ridge Road just east of South Eastern Ave).

BTW, regarding our Santa Fe gig at The Palms tomorrow night, we have yet another guest guitarist opening the show for Jerry -- Mike Miller from the Bette Midler show (and word is that some of the other cats in her band are gonna sit in as well; Taku Hiranu, Tom Barney, and Sonny Emory). And, as I just got further apprised in a Fat City Horns shout-out email: 'And, with a little encouragement, we might get Marty Hom to sit in and sing his "Love Song Medley". Don't miss it.'

Sean of MOSAIC also told me that they and Clint were planning on coming after their final arts benefit performance at Harrah's.

Oughta be a great, fun night.

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