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July 7th gig at The Palms

So, Jamie sent me this email the other day hipping me to a Jerry Fink article in the Las Vegas Sun about Carlos David's new band "Indigo" and their new gig at "Agave" in Summerlin. In it he said
...Agave’s owners called — thanks to a recommendation from Jerry Lopez, who’s becoming a godfather to local entertainers.

Lopez, a fixture on the local scene for almost 30 years, is the founder of the band Santa Fe, which plays Mondays at the Palms. The band’s horn section — the Fat City Horns — recently landed a gig with Bette Midler.

Lopez, a guitarist, also plays with national and international acts, and he met David when both were touring with Martin.

“When Michael Corrigan was looking for someone to play at the Agave he called Jerry Lopez and Lopez recommended me,” David says...
That's all we needed. I printed out that Photoshopped pic I did and taped it prominently on the wall in the dressing room. When Jerry emerged on the stage -- to the strains of "Theme From The Godfather" -- he looked right down at me and said "that was funny as shit, man."

LOL! Mission accomplished.

Below, as promised: Introducing Cirque's Melle Vasquez to the Santa Fe posse.

Melle was nervous, but she did just fine, and the house loved her. Steppin' up to do "Rosanna" and "Brother to Brother" with this band would make any player anxious. Jerry made her stay with the band and take a ride on "Negrita" after he showed up. It was all very, very cool.

We even got a taste of dueling trumpets, too...

Later I got a bit of Nathan Tanouye action during a 'bone ride.

Tuesday update: So, Rob Mader emails me about my characterization of shooting Nathan's solo: "I didn't know you two were dating." LOL! Set myself up for that one all right. Jeez...

OK, it's 3:03 a.m., I'm gonna upload the blog post thus far. More to come, after I scrounge through the Fridge...

OK, back, how about some more Melle Vasquez?


More shots:

Above two shots, the Osmonds upcoming Vegas show MD Jerry Williams sittin ' in.

Another great evening. Thanks to everyone who showed up to again fill the room. 4 a.m., I'm fixin' to crash. More later.


Sometimes ya just gotta shake your head at irony and the attendent cluelessness. Headline of a story I just read at the UK Daily Mail:

Summit that's hard to swallow - world leaders enjoy 18-course banquet as they discuss how to solve global food crisis

TOMMY ALVARADO UPDATE (from an email I just got)

TONIGHT!! It is with great pleasure I introduce you to the SLICK WILLIE ORCHESTRA.
This has been my personal project with the help from Steve Meyer and Ronnie Rose for the past six months. We were just getting a great following when the club changed ownership. After a much awaited re-opening we are ready to make the Square Apple the place to be for great blues and jazz.

The Lineup:

Ronnie Rose - Vocals & Harp
Steve Meyer - Trombone ( Music Director )
Allan Deville - Trumpet ( original Trpt. player for Ike and Tina )
Joel Richman - Drums
Eddie Dimarino - Bass
Matt Baldoni - Guitar ( Frankie Valli )
Dennis Melon - Keys ( whoever doesn't know Dennis doesn't know Vegas)
Tommy Alvarado - Sax & Vocals

I encourage all my friends to bring their blues and jazz chops to the stand. Let SWO back you up on a song or two. Invite the people you've always wanted to impress. Bring charts for your tunes please.

Check out our performance calendar at: www.myspace.com/slickwillieorchestra

The blues is upon us tonight with this power packed horn driven band. Tonight starting at 10pm sharp till 1:30 .

Where? The SQUARE APPLE ( formerly Just Jazz) located at 1000 E. Sahara Ave. between Paradise and Maryland Pkwy. 702.650.0432 info


See you tonight!

Your friend,

Tommy Alvarado

If you have any musical questions regarding you sitting in please call 702 685-7720



I went over to Roxy's in Sam's Town last night to listen to guitarist Cheryl Justice, appearing with the group "Blush." Lighting was pretty weak, but here are a few shots.

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