Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 14th gig at The Palms

Whoa! Getting a late star tonight. It's about 2:36 a.m., and I just got home and logged in. Bear with me, as I offload my shots. The band played way over tonight, given the huge cohort of guest performers. The set lasted 'til 1 a.m. Left everyone totally dazzled. Another one of those nights when no one wanted to leave after the show; everyone wanted to just hang and bask and talk. Very cool.

We were expecting Mike Miller on guitar, but also got the awesome surprise of John Wedemeyer sittin' in. He lit the joint up, as did Mike later on. Wow. Humbling.

The band was extra crispy tonight, right from the opening tune. Fat City Horns have a new ensemble opener that was a complete mind-bender, then right into "Esta Noche." Then the funk was flyin' fast and hard immediately thereafter. Rochon came totally loaded for bear tonight; he and Pepe were snappy tight in the pocket from the first note.

The guys from the Bette Midler show orchestra were late getting there, but it was so worth the wait. Jerry and the cats started asking the crowd for requests while stalling for time waiting for them to show. One shouted out "Use Me Up." Done, bro'.

Recall that that cut was recorded live right in this room just about a year ago.

OK, more guest artist time.
Mike Miller (below) is one unique guitar stylist. Beyond his badass chops, his sense of tone and lyrical feel were simply wonderful to witness. His ride on "Turn Your Love Around" blew everyone away. One Serious MoFo.

Tom Barney had also stepped up, to sit in on "Come Together" playing bass. After which he pulled out a flugelhorn over on the side of the stage, and blew some Fat City Horns chart stuff. By the time I'd realized what was happening I missed a chance to get a shot of that.

Finally, Taku Hiranu and Sonny Emory got on stage to throw it down. The closing jam on "System of Survival" was as good as it gets. Wiped us all out.

OK, it's 4:30 a.m., and I'm runnin' outa steam. I'm gonna upload random assortment of shots for y'all and then crash. (Got a lot of keepers tonight; shot 101 pics at the MOSAIC benefit yesterday, and 104 tonight. Lots to still review.)

Yeah, man, one fine evening. Thanks to everyone who showed up, all of you, players and fans alike.

Don't forget, Tommy Alvarado's way cool Slick Willie Orchestra will be again gettin' it on tonight at The Square Apple, 10 pm. Bring your axes and charts.

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