Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11th update

Tonight, at the VOX Lounge, Horizon Ridge Road just east of S. Eastern, Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas will be throwin' down the good stuff!

Also, don't forget the MOSAIC benefit for Arts in Education at Harrah's this Sunday and Monday.

BTW- How about this swell local news? The May 2008 gaming drop was down 16%. It's been declining for five straight months now. MGM Grand stock has cratered by nearly 70% since January. Wow. Below, the black line (appropriately) is MGM since January, the red is the Dow Jones Index

Meanwhile, I just saw where crude had just hit $147 a barrel. Looks like it will continue to rise (lotta market peeps are now predicting $200, even if Bush doesn't pull his itchy Iran trigger finger). Scary stuff 'eh?

On a more positive note. I'm reading this cool book our dear friend Mary Lou gave us.

Been busy with other stuff this week, not a lot of time to post here. Been working up a big new one on my sociopolitical blog, and then my dogs got in a bad fight on Wednesday, wherein the younger Jaco this time whupped Lucie's ass totally. The upshot was $748.46 at the vet for a face full of stitches (she had one deep gash almost an inch long under her left eye), replete with 10 days of meds and a drain they'll take out on Sunday. This is the third fight within the past five years resulting in trips to the animal hospital; total canine UFC tab thus far is almost $2,400.

Our house is a friggin' nursing home for pets. Max, the cat, has diabetes. He now eats special food and we give him insulin shots twice a day (hundred twenty buck a vial for that stuff, plus the syringes). All of our critters were strays.

No Good Deeds Shall Go Unpunished.

BTW, beyond "Rolling Stone" and "Wired," my regular mainstream periodicals include "The Atlantic Monthly," "The New Yorker," and "Harpers." In the latter today online is a way funny cartoon.

Yeah, those would be my mudflaps, LOL.

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inspireya said...

"So shines a good deed in a weary world"

Way to love your critters...