Friday, November 07, 2008

BobbyG says "hi" from Walnut Creek

A shout-out to all my friends and our regular blog readers, from Walnut Creek, California. I drove a load of stuff over Wednesday for Cheryl's apartment, and we're hangin' 'til Sunday afternoon, when I'll drive back to Vegas. Took me 8.5 hours to get here, pretty easy drive. Fire up the iPod car adapter, cue up some Bill Champlin, Will Champlin, Kenny Loggins, Crosby Loggins, Al Jarreau, Earl Klugh, Don Grusin...done, you're there.

Props to our son Nick for house and dog-sitting for us.

Walnut Creek is
spectacular. (that's Mount Diablo in the background above. I'm goin' up there this morning). It's about 20 miles east of Oakland. Walnut Creek is right on the BART line, too. We're gonna ride in on the the BART and spend the day Saturday roaming around over in San Francisco.

Don't forget this Sunday's Areepalooza cancer benefit show, Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns will perform (click the image to enlarge). I hate that I'll miss it, but I got another priority at the moment.

I will see y'all Monday night at The Palms.

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