Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 10th gig at The Palms

Above, the 8 pm calm before the storm...

A magical night tonight. High energy right outa the chute
, right from the opening tune, the venerable "Just Kidding" (opening cut of the 2005 live CD).

They followed that with the most slammin' take I've ever heard 'em do of James Brown's "I Feel Good." Tryiq was all over it, and the band just fried (it's based on the Marco Mendoza TRIO arrangement, so Joey Heredia was right at home). At the end of the tune, Tony came out with a white cape to drape over Tyriq's shoulders, LOL!. The crowd, which quickly built up to packed in SRO, roared.

Tony Davich also tore the place apart with his high-voltage rendition of the Ray Charles classic "You Don't Know Me."

Persistent requests for "San Diego" resulted in blowout rides by Dave Richardson, Gil Kaupp, and Jerry.

The rendition of "Nathan's "Come With Me" was particularly in the pocket tonight, perfect tempo, great tenor ride by Rob Mader.

Then they put pedal to the metal during Toto's "Rosanna." Another crowd fave was the new original "When The Curtain Goes Up (the bullshit stops)." That one's gonna get us a "Parental Advisory" sticker, for sure, but the tune is so honest and musically nasty, it'll be worth it.

Santa Fe closed the night with "We Are Nothing," which featured an extended percussion ride involving Gabriel and Chiqui Garcia, who came up to sit in on conga. Rochon then put it through the roof with an impossible bass solo that was elevated even more so by Joey riffing right along with him. Amazing.

The crowd was totally thrilled all night. Very cool. Thank you all for coming.

More random shots:

Yeah, man...

including some upcoming event announcements, after I get some Zzzz's. Tired. It's 4 a.m.


This Sunday at 7 pm, Jessica Marciel will appear with the Metropolitan Club Orchestra, along with guest artist Herb Rawlings, at Calico Jack's, W. Charleston and Cimarron. Free show.

Next, Joerg from "Ka" gave me this flyer last night:

A new collaboration by a bunch of the Cirque people, written by Wassa Coulibaly of Cirque's Zumanity show. Onyx Theatre on the 20th and 22nd, 1 a.m.


Our awesome bro' Brad Cordle Friday night, and my good friend from Buffalo Diane Kallay Saturday night.


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