Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday night ramble - Odyssey

How 'bout that shot, 'eh? Man, I am diggin' this new camera.

After spending almost two days out in my garage cleaning stuff up and moving things around so I could get my Ma's car in the garage, and then
hangin' with her during supper at the nursing home and putting her back to bed, I bopped over to our favorite restaurant, Lindo Michoacan (D.I. at Eastern. Cheryl, they asked about you).

After some great chow, I cruised to the Paris to catch Christine LaFond and her band "Odyssey" (which now features our Minneapolis bro' and Peterson Family pal Howard Arthur on guitar).

Two words sum up Christine: Diva Pipes. Two more: Sweetest Person.

The others in the lineup: Eddie Fluellan on keys, George Rucker on bass, Brian Doria on tubs, and Monique Olivas (OMG!) on violin. A few shots:

Really, really nice band. Great variety in the set lists, killer vocals. Highly recommended. They appear Thursdays through Mondays, 9 pm - 1 am (I think it's later on Fri - Sat, I'll have to check).


Tonight I'm gonna go hang with Brad and Tim and the cats at the Las Vegas Juke Joint on Craig Road. (Jukesters, you need to fix your website, almost none of the links work. Weak.)

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