Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monday night - Kenny Loggins and Paul Peterson

Kenny Loggins in the house! What can I say? I been goin' to see this cat for more than 30 years. He and brother Bill Champlin have long been my main dudes. We welcome you to our little hang, Kenny.

Then there's St. Paul, he of the from-another-galaxy Peterson family (he's on tour with Kenny now). It simply does not get any better than this.

I shot that pic back when he and brother Ricky Peterson and the rest of the "Side Guys" knuckleheads were throwin' down at the Palazzo (Joey Finger on tubs).

Check this out (below). Clip from the Loggins & Messina "Sittin' In Again" reunion tour concert in Santa Barbara.

I have this DVD. It is awesome.


Really bad news. This from Crosby Loggins' MySpace page:
...We Thank God Everyone Is Safe...

We had hoped and prayed for the best, but unfortunately, last night the Montecito "Tea Fire" claimed my family home. My Mother and Stepfather narrowly escaped wtih their lives. Everything they owned has been destroyed. Today is their 11 year anniversary.

The family dog is safe. We fought our way through road blocks this morning to see the damage and rescue our one surviving chicken. We are all safe, but my father's home is very much in harm's way and may burn this evening. We have not been able to gain access to his house in order to evacuate anything, so more great loss could still be ahead.

Needless to say, we are all in shock, but we are focusing on how grateful we are that no one was killed, that firefighters, so far, are safe and that our community is showing its true beautiful colors, despite the devastation around us all.

We send our love and prayers to the uninsured, the unemployed and those without family to lean on.

May God Bless this wonderful place.

Best for now,
Crosby Loggins

Should we not get to hang with Kenny Monday night, we totally understand. What a drag, for all the people who've suffered such terrible losses. Couple of shots from the L.A. Times.



Friday night I went to see Brad and Tim and the cats (Cordle-Scott band), out at the "Las Vegas Juke Joint" (north side,Craig at Lamb). Shot just a couple of pics in the swell Night Goggle Vision lighting.

Tell ya what, Dean Reichert plays some serious friggin' guitar. He throws down more than just a few Drew Zingg Moments. Major chops. Inspiring and humbling to witness (BTW, he's gonna be on my next "Friends of Santa Fe Podcast" now under construction -- Volume 5).

Gotta love the staging (just the floor, no riser). Aside to the right of the "35 cent wings" banner" behind the band is the obligatory "We Support Our Troops" banner (this being just a few blocks from Nellis AFB). Well, yeah, we all support the troops, duh, but how about supporting your entertainment with a few par cans? The light grid here consists of two woefully mis-aimed left & right floods that look like pars from a distance, but, upon closer inspection look more like black-painted Folgers coffee cans with red 150w patio floods inside. I got on a chair and re-aimed them. Whatever. Helped a little.

I'd tried to contact them ahead of time through their website. Almost none of the links work. So, I did a WHOIS search for the domain name owner contact info. Sent an email saying I'd be out to cover their venue.

It bounced back "Undeliverable."

Imagine my surprise.


Great charts, wow. And Jesse sings her ass off.

Lotta the Usual Suspects in the lineup. Matt Baldoni was on guitar, Tony De Augustine on tubs (dude, I ever get a band goin' again, I'm callin' you first). Dave Stambaugh on alto, Wes Marshall, Tom Delibero on trumpets. etc. Very nice.

Nailed a pretty fair shot of Herb Rawlings. Nice cat, helluva singer and showman.

I didn't get this lady's name. She was very good as well.

BTW, Re: tonight, as far as we know, Kenny and Paul are still comin'. That will be off the scale fine. Jeff Ray is again gonna open for Jerry on guitar.


How nice is this? Wow.

Click the image above to go to the Strokeland Santa Fe page. Thanks, guys!

Here's the link to home page. They have an excerpt cut of "Ev'rybody Wants to Love You" up today in an embedded mp3 player on the upper right. Please do patronize Strokeland Records for all your funky, nasty goodness.

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