Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nov 3rd gig at The Palms

Jeff Ray again opening for Jerry on guitar. Kenny Anderson sitting in on sax. Bill Churchville sitting in on trumpet. Brian Bromberg sitting in on bass.

Wild. Doesn't get much better than that.

The crowd was repeatedly on their feet tonight. Rightfully so. They got major value.

The cats opened with "South American Sojourn," followed by "Brother to Brother" (Jeff tore up the guitar ride, Lenny blew away the vocal). Kenny sat in and came out from to solo, first on "Negrita." Bill soloed on "Wishing Well," and Brian took a totally killer bass ride during "Turn Your Love Around."

Lenny was awesome as usual, and in major silly mode all night.

The only irritant of the night, for me, was that now they got this cat from the Palms A/V vendor running the too-sparse light grid during the show off the laptop that controls it. Like, all we needed was a mirror ball and John Travolta in a white suit throwin' down the slick steps to a BeeGees tune. Maybe the hyper-nausea looping robo lights and strobes add an enhancing touch to the Santa Fe music -- dunno -- but they make it hell to shoot good shots. I ended up shooting all night maxed out at 3200 ISO, so my pics are a bit grainy. And I had to work a lot harder to get the keepers.

Whatever. That's my problem. So, let's go to some pics.

Above, Michael Gonzales got called to stage front at the end of the show during "System of Survival" to demo his moves.


Cancer support benefit gig, see www.areepalooza.com. Santa Fe is gonna play (click the image to enlarge).

Other Special Guest Stars
  • Guitarist "Roger Fisher" from HEART
  • Grammy award winner, "Skip Martin" from Kool and The Gang and The Dazz Band
  • Lenita Erikson, vocalist for Vixen and Helles Belles

Kenny Loggins will be coming to hang and sit in on Nov 17th. I'm gonna have to be medicated if that comes off. Loggins and Bill Champlin are my two decades-long favs.

Note: that's our great friend Herman Matthews on tubs in that clip. That was one of Kenny's finest lineups. I have that Grand Canyon concert DVD. Love it.

Our bro' St. Paul Peterson is touring with Kenny now. He's comin' too. That will pure magic, man.

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