Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Awesome song


From the Supergroup, JaR, the first video from their new project, Scene 29, featuring Westcoast Music Giants, Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum. Your Heartbreak (video) © 2008 Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum. (song) Your Heartbreak © 2007 noted for the record (ASCAP)/randscape music (ASCAP)

Enjoy. That is just simply excellent. The big holes in the hump, alternating with flowing legato segments, and those cool lyrics. Dudes are all over it.

BTW- Still don't have anything in from anyone regarding the gig last night that I've had to miss. I hope y'all had a great time. I'm outa here in a few minutes to go do this police dept analyst exam.

Courtesy of Greg Sinclair -
Set List:
  • O Come All Ye Faithful (Horn Opener)/South American Sojourn
  • EWF Medley
  • Everybody Wants to Love You
  • Negrita
  • Take My Heart Away
  • Higher Ground
  • Turn Your Love Around
  • Wishing Well
  • Soul Trilogy
  • Living for the City
We were greeted by a new stage set-up last night: horns across the back, drums in the center on the floor, Jaime and Dave on either side. This seemed to produce a more "up-front" percussion sound and a tighter rhythm section. Lenny was way too cramped between Gabe and Jaime, I believe he'll be back on stage right next week. We got going at 10:40 with a nice sized crowd which grew during the gig. Jerry was with us from the top of the set tonight. Derek Jones was again subbing on Bass and played a couple of mind-bending solos, especially on Higher Ground. WOW! (Lenny told us all he goose pimples in interesting places.) Joey smoked the Earth, Wind, and Fire Medley. He kicked every horn figure while laying down some nasty grooves...unreal drumming all night. A large group of UNLV Music students and alumni (myself included) were in the crowd last night, one of whom kept professing his love for Nathan. Well, young Nate Kimball, who subbed for Nathan two years ago, was treated to an extended trombone solo in Negrita. We were also given the gift of a very cool dueling trumpets feature with excellent comping underneath from Jerry, Derek, and Joey. Soul Trilogy had an extra dose of funk and Livin' for the City closed the night. Thanks to everyone who came in from the cold last night.

- Greg Sinclair

Thanks, Greg. I hated to miss that. No one has sent me any jpegs, so here are some from the Monday night gig a year ago, to reminisce. How fast the year has gone, 'eh?

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