Monday, December 29, 2008

Tonight, the last hang of 2008 at The Palms

We close out the year with one last fiery throw-down in The Lounge at The Palms. 10:30 pm, no cover, no minimum. Ya never know who might show up to play and sing with the cats. Be there. NOTE: Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power had been slated to sit in, but has been down with a bad cold this week, and has to fly out at 5 in the morning, so we're gonna do his hang next Monday.

BTW, John Wedemeyer will open the show for Jerry tonight.

Cat is smooth as silk in addition to his Bad Boy chops.


Below, the calm before the percussion storm...

John Wedemeyer smokes it once again on guitar. He tore up the rides in "Brother to Brother" and "Rosanna."

Of course, our bro' Dave Hart (one of our other repeated guest Bad Boy guitarists) tried to be helpful earlier in the day. Jerry forwarded this to me:

I wrote these helpful hints on John's Facebook wall. lol


Just few helpful reminders Re sitting in with Santa Fe tonight:

1) You're not accustomed to Jerry's rig, and the sound and response may not be to your liking. Your usual techniques won't work at all. DO be worried, but not TOO worried.

2) Although you may have prepared, onstage nervousness could cause you to get totally lost. Turn your guitar down and smile.

3) Anyone from Herbie Hancock to Sting to Allan Holdsworth could be in the audience. Don't get distracted. I, along with every musician I can round up will be sitting right in front of you, cheering you on.

4) Make sure your appearance is perfect. Be aware of each strand of hair, and any dust that might fall onto your clothing. If necessary, carry a lint remover with you onstage.

5) Avoid making the dreaded "Guitar Face" at all cost. If necessary, wear a mask ala Buckethead.

6) Remember, all eyes and ears will be on YOU! You will ultimately be totally judged by this one performance. Don't blow your only chance!

There was a bit of "guitar face" tonight, but not much
. And, Dave, you're one to talk, LOL!

Other notable tunes tonight: "What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing?," "Oh, Nena," "Wishing Well," "Come Back Home," "Salvation," "Higher Ground" (with a bass ride by Rochon that took the roof off the room), "Soul Trilogy," and "We Are Nothing" (which ended the show, replete with jaw-dropping extended solos by Gabriel and Joey).

Faux pas of the night: Lenny, totally caught up in reverie in the 14-alarm fire of "Brother to Brother," shouts out to the crowd "Pepe Jimenez on drums!" after the drum ride segment. Dude, don't be embarrassed, that's an utter compliment, it had all the energy and chops and feel of the CD cut. It transported all of us that know the track to that very moment. Pepe? Joey? Are we not blessed?

More shots...

Below, shooting between two music stands, trying to get a fix on Rochon.

Above: framing Joey's face in his kit...


Above, I tried to get the Lopez brothers in the same shot (during "Come Back Home"). Not enough depth of field given the light for complete focus.

Above, Jamie makes eye contact with my Cheryl during "Higher Ground." Yeah, man, I am so glad to have her home for the Holidays. And we had such a fine time tonight.

We wish all of you a safe and joyous New Year celebration. Be careful out there.


Freddie Hubbard, jazz trumpeter, dies at 70

[LA Times] Freddie Hubbard, widely regarded as the most gifted jazz trumpeter of the post-bebop '60s and '70s, died Monday at Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles. He was 70...

Cat was most def one of my musical heroes.

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