Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec 22nd at The Palms, post-gig report

The opening Flamenco show was met with increasingly roaring howls of delight from the crowd, and ended to a wildly appreciative standing-O. It was so fine! My only regret was that it was not lit up. They had to put them on the "dance" floor in front of the stage, which meant almost wholly shooting with flash, given that it takes an act of Congress with a supermajority to re-position those stage lights.

The I'm getting a very late start tonight, it's 3:10 a.m., and I'm just now looking through my shots. I went to Pepe's late gig over at "Boomer's" on Sirius after the Santa Fe hang (wow, are they ever throwin' down!). Will post incrementally.

Song of the night? Had to be
"Come Together" (in close competition with "When The Curtain Goes Up," I guess). The groove in "Come Together was way relaxed tonight in tempo, which gave it this heavy, nasty thump. They brought both Nathan and Phil out front for rides.

The new stage arrangement is nice, although it now puts Jamie over in the dark on the left (about where Jerry Merra or Eric Tewalt used to stand). Fat City Horns are now in a straight line in the back on a riser, with Joey on the kit down front right behind the front line).

More pics from the evening:

Below, Tony Davich once again incinerates "You Don't Know Me."


Sirius just east of Valley View. Basically a sports bar (no stage lighting whatsoever, turn camera to "night vision goggles"), but bless them for having live music, and this kind in particular. Pepe Jimenez on drums, David Inamine on bass, Fred Schreuders on guitar, and Michito on percussion. They call the band " ISLA." Serious fusion/funk/jazz throw-down, man. Serious.

I hope this can draw and keep going. These cats are taking no prisoners. Powerful stuff, man.

Awright, my friends, It's way late, Cheryl's Comin' home tonight at 6:35, and I gotta cop a few Zzzz's before jumping back on my 2DO list prior to her arrival. More thoughts tomorrow as time permits.

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