Friday, January 16, 2009

Fontana Bar at Bellagio, Jan 16th

Tonight I bopped over to Bellagio, having promised Christine La Fond and her Odyssey crew I'd come cover the gig. I really do recommend this band to everyone. Very, very nice. Great variety in the book, excellent musicianship and vocals (they all sing, all of them quite well), and really nice peeps.

Man, the economic slowdown is so visible. Couple of shots, prime time on a Friday night, the Bellagio check-in desk area and the gaming floor, not far from the entrance to the Fontana Bar. Scary.

Those are just random, spur-of the-moment shots, too. I didn't deliberately wait around for extra-sparse moments for effect, just shot them as I was walking through the property. Everywhere I go lately, I see the same sort of thing. (BTW, I just finished a long post on my other blog giving my take on what's caused this economic downturn. The other BobbyG, LOL!)

The Fontana Bar is a very nice venue, very spacious and elegant. The patio deck looks out over the "lake" and recurrent "dancing waters" fountain show.

Some random pics:

Errata: below, they have this way cool oriental exhibit over in the arboretum area. Beautiful.

That fabric-covered statue has gotta be 20 feet high. Go see Odyssey tomorrow night if you can (and they return next weekend as well), and check out the arboretum on your way out. Band performs from 6:30 pm to 10 pm. No cover, no minimum.


Tomorrow night at 6 pm in the Ovation showroom at Green Valley Ranch, Zowie Bowie will be throwin' down the Sinatra etc.

Rumor has it that Clint and his wife Kelly are comin' to join in. Think I'll go and cover it.

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