Monday, January 05, 2009

Jan 5th 2009 gig at The Palms

Joining us tonight onstage is the legendary Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power! 10:30 pm. Free show as always.

POST-GIG REPORT (login 2:10 a.m.)

Tonight was the tightest and snappiest I've heard the band in a long time, over the entire show. Cats were in the pocket Nasty from the first measure to the last. Great crowd. Thank you all for coming out.

Took a ton of shots. Starting, before the gig, with my dear niece April, who has come from Marquette, Michigan to visit.

My sister and her kids are the best! April and I plotted for several weeks to surprise Cheryl for her birthday (New Year's Eve), and we pulled it off. We've all had the best time together. Cheryl had to return to Walnut Creek yesterday. April and I will be puttin' in some serious hang time this week 'til she has to return to Marquette this weekend. Gonna take her to see Yellow Brick Road on Wednesday at Green Valley Ranch, and then we'll have to again go see li'l bro' Michael Grimm (her fav), who's at Bill's Casino & Gambling Hall (the former Barbary Coast, NW corner of Flamingo and the Strip, across from Bally's)


Yeah, man...Rocco played on "What is Hip?," "Get Your Feet Back on the Ground," and "Wishing Well." It was wonderful. Slammin'. Go to YouTube and search on his name, there're are a ton of video clips out there.


Regular blog readers will know that I've covered Christine's band Odyssey a couple of times lately. She came to hang tonight and got called up to grace us with her serious Diva vocal chops, doing "Use Me."

Wow. Please do check out her band. You will have a fine time.

I have a lot more good shots, but I am runnin' outa gas. I will post more photos and thoughts after I catch some Zzzz's.

OK, back up & at it, Tuesday 11:50 am. Below some of my 140+ shots, randomly, starting with the ever-effusive Dr. Lenny:

And, then there's "air trombone," LOL...

Jerry fills in the blanks for me...
"His name is Jesus 'Chuey' Gomez. He had the most innovative bands back in the late 70's in Las Vegas. Brought Marco Mendoza to Vegas as his bass player from Tijuana. Brought Kiko Cibrian (who became MD for Luis Miguel and now a staff producer at one of the major labels) as his guitarist. Always had awesome musicians (brought Enrique Corro into his band in the 70's or early 80's) and strong bands. A good friend, and wonderful human being."
Above, Michito Sanchez sittin' in!

Joey Heredia was crazy good, slammin' all night!

What a great night. We are all so lucky to get to witness all this excellence every week -- for free!

BTW, in case anyone's interested, I have this other blog ("BobbyG's Binge Thinking") wherein I randomly post my "serious side" stuff. Working on a post right now entitled "Tranche Warfare." It's about the current economic mess and my take on what's caused it.

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