Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 26th gig at The Palms

Tonight, 10:30 pm in The Lounge. No cover, no minimum, as always.

Opening tonight for Jerry will be Tom Jones Show guitar ace Brian Monroney. Join us for yet another slammin' evening.


We were packed in tonight. Great crowd. Great energy, onstage and in the audience. I just dumped 163 shots outa my camera into iPhoto. Got a lot to review and post.

Bittersweet evening, given that it was Joey Heredia's last night with the band. What an absolutely great dude he is. Awesome drummer, but better than that, he's just a wonderful person, a joy to have come to know.

Cat sure went out in thundering fashion tonight. Man, the hump he and Rochon put on during Roch's bass ride in "Higher Ground" was the nastiest thumpin' groove I've heard in a long time. Joey, we will all miss you and wish you the very best.

Pepe returns in two weeks -- remember, we're dark next Monday (Feb 2nd), and then the cats will be back on the 9th (my 63rd birthday, a.k.a. Top Shelf Margarita Day).

Brian Monroney tore up the guest guitar slot. One serious player, this cat.

Brian's ride in "Rosanna" was simply perfect. Then when Jerry got to the gig, he asked Brian to stay on and play on "Negrita," whereupon Brian seared yet another solo. It was really fine. Brian then came back up to close out the show by blistering still yet one more ride on "System of Survival."


The Fat City Horns were down in L.A. tonight doing a show with the fabulous Las Vegas Jazz Connection orchestra at The Jazz Bakery (Nathan Tanouye, arranger and conductor). So, time to call in our alternate squad. Can't really call these cats our "2nd unit" any more, IMHO. Yeah, they're "subs," but they ripped the book up tonight. They were slammin' the charts all night long. Great job, guys.
  • Dave Phillipus, trombone
  • Tom Delibero, trumpet
  • Wes Marshall, trumpet
  • Dave Stambaugh, alto
  • Miguel Rodriguez, tenor
  • Garrett Hypes, bari
We managed to have Dave, Miguel, and Garrett called up front for rides on "Wishing Well."

Fat City Horns II, or .alt, or v2.0 or whatever you wanna call 'em, really got 'er done tonight with utter panache. How lucky are we to get to witness this level of consistent excellence? I, for one, am always grateful.

4 A.M...

OK, I'm gettin' really tired, got up early today. I have a ton of decent shots to upload, and I'm still goin' through the batch in iPhoto. I'm gonna randomly post some and then crash and continue after I get back up.

First, Herman Matthews in the House!!!

I just love that cat. Another great drummer, and a great guy. Jerry called him up to just hang and party onstage. Below, check this out, these two really worked out.

Alternating narrow depth-of-field focal planes. Below, caught Jamie and Tony and Tyriq pretty well.

Tyriq "Buckles" Johnson!

What a great night. 4:20 a.m., I gotta crash. Please do check back, and pay it forward.

Oh, yeah, before I split, this is for Cheryl:



A few more shots (I have even more, but they're kinda redundant)...

After the gig, no one wanted to leave. Peeps just milled around for the longest time. It really was a great night.


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