Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 19th gig at The Palms

This cat look vaguely familiar, 'eh? Ever stay up late and channel-surf to CBS after the local news?

Will Lee. Yeah, that Will Lee. CBS Orchestra, Dave Letterman show. Cat has a music rap sheet a mile long. I been diggin' this cat all the way back to the Brecker Brothers "Dreams" LP.

Well, he's one of us now. He and Bette Sussman (Bette Midler's MD) came to hang. They promptly got put to work; a totally thundering, stomp-ass rendition of "Wishing Well." Blew the house away. Bette rocks!

The "Wishing Well" throw-down was blisteringly aided by Brian Monroney (Tom Jones Show, and Herman Matthews band) sittin' in on guitar.

Our other guest guitarist, who opened the show for Jerry, was Lafayette LA's Ray Mouton -- another Bad Boy (Billy Cobham, Chick Corea). Ray played on "South American Sojourn," "Brother to Brother," and "What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing?" Very cool.

Yeah, Ray, thanks, bro'. Everybody dug you.

More shots, randomly, from a great evening...

Michito Sanchez in the House!!!

Santa Fe alum Carlos David Perez came up to sing "Si Te Vas" with Jerry (he's one of the writers on that great tune).

Below: We were graced tonight by the presence of our dear UK blokes Ben and Stuart of Gypsy Fire.

Recall the night they tore the house down for us back in October?

One more great evening. Wow.

OK, enough for now. Obama takes his Oath in less than 5 hours, I gotta Tivo that (and his address) for Cheryl, then Nick I and are taking my Ma to lunch, get her outa the nursing home for a bit. More later.

Good luck, Mr. new President. You're gonna need it.


No Drama Obama and his stunning spouse are off to a good start.

It has been a good day for our country. May this man succeed. He seems to truly have the beneficent interests of our nation -- and the wider world -- at heart. We shall see.

Let The Healing Begin...

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