Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zowie Bowie Big Band at the Ovation Room

This was really very nice, bling-bling look/Sinatra Rat Pack torch schtick and all. Glad I went. Great show, very, very nice book. Great turnout. I had a lot of fun. Props to Lorraine for the heads-up.

Tom Delibro, Dave Phillipus, and Garrett Hypes (all Santa Fe subs) in the horn section, Gabriel on percussion. Chris ("Zowie Bowie") seems like a really nice cat. You can tell from one look at the Zowie Bowie website that he doesn't need BobbyG for promo shots, but, if touting this hang helps keep a number of our cats working, well, I will report on it, and exhort people to go. I sure dug it.

Nothing like a pro lighting grid.

Sure would like to look up in the Lounge at the Palms and see stuff like that, LOL.

OK, on to some shots...

Kell-EEEEE!!! Below, Kelly Clinton (a.k.a. Mrs. Clint Holmes). She throws down so well. Funny, and sassy, and a great voice. Gotta say, she has always been so nice to me, since day one. Lenny had a gig one night a couple of years ago at her Stirling Club hang and got me put on the guest list, which is where I first met her. Now, some of the peeps in the "Old Vegas Inner Circle" can be a bit standoff-ish (with good reason, I suppose, given all the pawing climbers always trying to get over), but Kelly treated me simply as a new friend the very first time we met.

Seriously talented woman.

As is her, uh, husband.

Mr. Class Himself, Clint Holmes.

Below, Frankie Scinta in the is way funny.

Larry Liso also graced us with song. Right on the money, bro'.

Elvis cat Trent Carlini (below, on the right) also showed up and performed. It was a great show.

I guess they're gonna do this every Sunday now at Green Valley (6 pm). They're off to a good start.

I'll see y'all at the Palms tomorrow night.


This blog will shortly be three years old. I will shortly be sixty-three years old (Feb 9th). I guess that perhaps makes me the Anthony Quinn of blogging...


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