Monday, February 02, 2009

Dark tonight

No gig tonight, sorry. Scroll down in my prior post for info on other fine local action tonight, e.g., the Tim Pratt Band at Bellagio (6 pm), and the Cordle-Scott Band at The House of Blues (9 pm).


Boys were lightin' it up tonight. Very nice, appreciative crowd, too. I have some pretty good shots. I'm just gonna post these for now, Not stayin' up late this time. Went to the gym today for the first time in about 4 months. Ugh. Tired. I been invited to play with the faculty against the varsity basketball team this Thursday at my grandson's high school. Gotta scrape off my ring rust. Actually won a game of "21" today, LOL! The shot is still happenin'. Good thing, too, in light of my Wax Museum "D", geologic time slo-mo shake & bake move to the hole, and six-inch vertical.

So, more pics tomorrow.

Below, Abe and Christine LaMarca are back in town! Yes!! Ran into them at the bar. The sweetest couple, they are. Serious talents to boot.

Our cabaret jazz vocalist friend and devoted Santa Fe fan Taylor Michaels came to hang as well.


Just after I'd started shooting, this young HoB employee comes up and hands me this "Authorization / Release" form. Like, 'WTF?'

A full page of legalese mumbo-jumbo circumscribing the use of any "recording" media (inclusive of still photos) inside their property during performances. He explained that the band had to sign it, not me. Good, 'cuz I ain't signin' diddley. I'll just leave.

Given the wording of this POS, these pictures you are seeing here are -- possibly -- out of compliance with this mindless policy (" commercial or promotional use, including on the internet, e.g., any websites..."). I say "possibly" because it's not "commercial" (I'm certainly not doing it for money), but is it "promotional"? Well, perhaps 'yes' and 'no.' Maybe it's simply "reporting." Maybe I'm part of the pro bono "entertainment press." Where's the "no-not-cross" legalistic bright line between "promotion" and "reporting"?

I rather doubt that the in-house corporate counsel who drafted this lovely first year night law school Contracts 101 thingy could explain it clearly.

Hey, I'm really an independent "journalist." Color me sepia-toned-parchment First Amendment enabled. Or, show me all of the signed-in-advance restriction documents you've imposed on the traditional media peeps venturing forth onto your turf.

From their "About Us" page:
our roots

House of Blues is a home for live music and southern-inspired cuisine in an environment celebrating the African American cultural contributions of blues music and folk art. In 1992, our company converted a historical house in Cambridge, Massachusetts into the original House of Blues®. The original House of Blues opened its door on Thanksgiving Day, 1992 feeding the homeless before opening to the public. Our commitment to serving the community will always be a priority.

our mission
  • To create a profitable principled global entertainment company.
  • To celebrate the diversity and brotherhood of world culture.
  • To promote racial and spiritual harmony through love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence.

"Serving the community®"? Kinda like what I do ongoing for our music community, 'eh? "Profitable®"? Hell, I'm trying to drive traffic to your venue®, gratis, by touting my friends who perform there®.

Whatever. Yeah, they
® wouldn't know that. No place provided on the form® for you to specify your® intended usage®, just a bunch of overbroad and vague prohibitory boilerplate.


Unknown said...

Good FOR YOU Bobby! I couldn't agree more. What a CROCK! By the way...some of your FRIENDS are still waiting for some advice on a birthday present for you! Hint, hint. us out here Love.

BobbyG said...

Thanks, Taylor. I don't need much, 'cause Cheryl will be home. :)

I would, though, make good use of an iTunes gift card.