Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 23rd gig at The Palms

Wow! As promised, Santa Fe did four new originals tunes -- in a row, after opening with the Fat City Horns sectional intro to "Esta Noche," followed by Jamie's "Higher Ground." The new stuff is off the hook fine.
  • "Pack It Up" (Jerry Lopez)
  • "Indian Summer Day" (Dave Richardson)
  • "Love Jungle" (Dave Richardson)
  • "Into The Light" (Nathan Tanouye)
Time to get in the studio. The new CD is gonna be unreal.

They've rehearsed these tunes once together, but I didn't hear anything weak or tentative, just thundering, explosive, exquisite excellence on yet another unfathomable level higher (Doc Severinson level horn charts, slammin', stompin' herd-of-elephants rhythm section, and screaming vocal leads and harmonies). After the second tune, I just looked at Jerry and said "dude, I don't even smoke, but I need a cigarette after that!"

Ya just had to be there. I am tasered yet again.

Our bro' Garrett Hypes subbed again on bari. Jerry noted that he'll be doin a gig at Sunset Station on March 5th with the Lon Bronson Band, which will feature some of the Tower of Power players.

What a cool guy. And, a "target-rich environment" for a photographer. Love to shoot him. The blue bari is way hip and unique.

Wayne Newton's
MD Scotty Alexander sat in on guitar on "Wishing Well" and tore it up. I'd never heard him before. Fine player, he is (way interesting rap sheet too. Click his name for his website and check his bio).


So, lessee, the lineup of tunes for the new CD looks to be (minimally):
  • "Pack It Up"
  • "Indian Summer Day"
  • "Love Jungle"
  • "Into The Light"
  • "Si Te Vas"
  • "What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing?"
  • "This Time"
  • "Land of My Sun"
  • "When The Curtain Goes up (the bullshit stops)"
It will be one superb product, guaranteed. Jerry Lopez is every bit the meticulous artist-engineer-producer in the studio that he is performer and leader on stage.

More shots from a great night:

Another nice crowd tonight! Thanks to everyone for comin' out. I think everyone really dug it. I know I did.

Those new tunes, man...jeez...

Remember, we are dark next Monday, [bleep]. The Palms catering department had scheduled some private event in The Lounge (without checking with the new E.D.), so we won't be back 'til March 9th. Also remember that the Zowie Bowie show is moving from Red Rock to The Lounge at The Palms starting March 6th (Fridays and Saturdays).

UPDATE: Below, my to-the-point Photoshop reflection on the debut of the new tunes (and the band in general):


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