Monday, February 09, 2009

Feb 9th gig at The Palms

Pepe Jimenez returns to the Santa Fe stage tonight!


Pepe came back loaded for bear. OMG!

He ripped, right from the first tune ("Just Kidding"). They followed that with "Brother to Brother," with our brother Jeff Ray again subbing to start the show for Jerry. Jeff totally blew the ride through the roof, and Pepe simply slammed it into the floor. Lenny's lead vocal: what can you say? Simply the best!

BTW, Jeff has a new musical project underway called "Penthouse Suite." Details to come.

They followed that up with Dave Richardson's "What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing." Not a hair outa place tonight, the cats were all so pumped. We had a huge crowd, too. Very nice to see. Thanks to all of you for coming out.

Jerry arrived, and it was further off to the races.

Jerry sang "Si Te Vas" tonight. Man, that has gotta be the finest tune ever written and performed.

I am not kidding.

Tony Davich also lit the joint up with his incomparable rendition of "You Don't Know Me." Chicks were swooning off to my left.

He followed that up with "Soul Trilogy," which just burned it up. "Tyriq, do your thing..."

More shots, randomly...

First, none of you knew this, but Dave Richardson had had a terrible day, and had come down ill. I got there early to set up the room, and Dave came in to set up his keys. He told me "I don't wanna talk about it" when I asked how he was. He'd copped a bug or something, and was really struggling. After he set up his gear he went back to the dressing room and curled up on the floor to try to catch just a bit a bit of rest. Cat was really feeling like shit.

You'd never have known when it came time.

You might note Garrett Hypes subbing once more on bari. Cool dude, he is.

What a totally great night. Thanks to Cheryl and Marv and Karen, and to my kids and Sharla for comin'. Thanks to Taylor Michaels for the utterly awesome ice cream birthday cake, and to the cats for the chocolate birthday cake. I had a great night. Thank you all.

Yeah, I'm, 63 now. Still goin' on 18.

I jumped up to a mic at the end and said this:

That is simply how I feel. Lucky me. Lucky us.

UPDATE, my birthday card from the band:

Inside it says "Live your dreams" LOL! I may have to Photoshop my face onto that scan.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that was your face on that scan? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!