Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Time Jumpers, our Nashville Brothers and Sisters

An email blast from Jerry Lopez yesterday:
Check these guys out. It may not be your cup of tea (I love it), but these guys are the crème de la crème in Nashville, peerless musicians who get together every Monday night and HEAL. I just finished watching a beautifully produced DVD of theirs. There are many of us out there, in different flavors, in different settings, but musicians that bring it without the bullshit.
Yeah, he is not kidding. Check at this recent NPR interview:

'eh? Source is KPLN, Nashville Public Radio.

It would be way cool to have these peeps perform one night with Santa Fe. I just know our crowd would love 'em, despite it being a whole 'nuther music style. They are truly of the same spirit.

UPDATE: They appear Monday nights at The Station Inn in Nashville.

Y'know, I was looking at the band's website. [1] These cats are, uh, seriously in need of a photographer who knows what to look for and how to capture it; [2] my beloved in-laws live about 90 miles south of Nashville, and; [3] I have old music buds in Nashville (Jellyroll, Gary Loyd, Mark Douthit)...


UPDATE: go here to view some live gig DVD samples. Yeah, these peeps are the "country music" Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, no doubt. I'm gonna have to order that DVD.


We went to see our bro's last night at the Hilton (I left the camera home; didn't want to get in any "No Pictures" scrapes with Security. The shot above is one I took at their arts benefit show at Harrah's back in July). The showroom was about full, and they blew the house down, surprise, surprise. Troy told me afterward they were about to head out on another cruise ship gig, and would be gone for several weeks. But, after I told him that the guys were gonna debut four new originals for the upcoming CD tomorrow night, he sounded like they'd have to come hang tomorrow before they split.

BTW, thanks, Linda and Gabe for the tix (Keenan went with us), and for the House Seats subscription!

See y'all tomorrow night. I'm gonna go hang with my Ma at the nursing home, then come back and watch the Oscars tonight. Tired. Been studying & working on a new post for my "other blog." LOL, the title is "The Dukes of Moral Hazard." More stuff about the economic crisis. Speaking of which, I saw this on ABC News this morning:

America's Top 15 Emptiest Cities
These Once Boom Cities Are Now Quickly Turning Into Recession Ghost Towns

Feb. 22, 2009—

Call it a modern-day tale of two cities.

For decades, Las Vegas, ripe with new construction and economic development, burgeoned into a shimmering urban carnival. Detroit, once the fulcrum of American industry, sagged and rusted under its own weight.

These days, it's the worst of times for both.

Las Vegas edged Detroit for the title of America's most abandoned city. Atlanta came in third, followed by Greensboro, N.C., and Dayton, Ohio. Our rankings, a combination of rental and homeowner vacancy rates for the 75 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country, are based on fourth-quarter data released Feb. 3 by the Census Bureau. Each was ranked on rental vacancies and housing vacancies; the final ranking is an average of the two...

Yeah, and I see in the R-J today that housing values in my ZIP code declined 28% in 2008. Like, whatever. Just glad I don't have to sell right now.


This popped up while I was logged in to MySpace.

Count me in the 7.4% that got it right, first try (no, it's not 16). Ya just gotta slow down, step back, and look closely. Yeah, there are 16 little ones, but then there's also the triangular outside border, and a number of subsidiary non-overlapping and overlapping triangles (larger than the smallest ones but contained within the bordering triangle), all total ____.

Email your answer. Your secret is safe with me. Or, reply via anonymous comment here on the blog.


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