Thursday, February 05, 2009

Feb 5th midweek errata

Four days 'til the 24th anniversary of my 39th birthday! Cheryl gets in tomorrow night and will be home until the 15th. She'll be with me at the gig Monday night. Yes!!

A few shots forwarded to me regarding the Las Vegas Jazz Connection's recent gig at The Jazz Bakery in L.A.:

I am told the stage lighting "was a challenge." Imagine my surprise. This is a great project, one deserving of our full support. Please buy the CDs, they are ridiculously fine. And, I'll be sure to let everyone know when and where they'll be performing.

BTW, I just posted a new rant on my "serious" blog. See what you think.

Also, if you're lookin' for an early hang tonight, get out to the Fontana Bar in Bellagio and check out the very, very fine Tim Pratt Band (6 pm).

More to come...


So, today I played with the faculty against the "varsity" (benchers, actually) at my grandson's high school (Henderson International) during their Chinese New Year's festivities. Actually, it was just one truncated QTR, all of 5 minutes (I was just workin' up a sweat), a mixed gender novelty thingy. LOL. We got whupped 6-2. I scored our only bucket. We were about to get skunked, and I got this huge cheering eruption from the stands when I pulled up off a long pass from one of the teachers and drained string-music from about 17 feet.

That was too funny.

Below, Gwandaddy, ready to rumble, a few minutes prior to leaving for the school. Mr. No Hops.

I think I probably have two personal hoopitup-related DSM-IV codes: "Dangerous to Self and Others," and "Delusions of Grandeur."

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