Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 13th gig at The Palms

Interesting gig tonight. Band sounded great and everyone loved 'em, but the house was the slowest I've seen in a long time -- maybe in a year and a half or more. We almost filled up by showtime, but there were no lines forming down the rails or peeps congregated at the back of the bar as usual.

Sign of the recessionary times, I guess. I went with Danielle to see Sergio Mendez Saturday night at Primm, and it was maybe half full (and a lot of the tix were freebies like ours were).

Derek Jones from "Ka" again subbed for Rochon tonight. Yikes!

Derek took a soaring, singing, at once totally melodic and nuclearly stomping bass ride during the final tune -- 'We Are Nothing" -- that blew us all away. It was actually an off-the-hook ensemble jam ride along with Pepe and Gabe.

Ya just had to be there. It elicited a howling Standing-O at the end.

Derek returns to sub again next Monday, btw. If you've not heard this cat throw down, do not miss it if you can be here.

My good brother Brad Cordle in the House!

Brad and his cats wil be at the House of Blues, 9 pm, Wednesday. We call him "the Pavarotti of Blues." For eminently good reason. Please do go by and hang.

More shots...

Tony Davich also once again blew the roof off with his rendition of "You Don't Know Me."

Tony is simply amazing.

More pics...

Gotta again extend props to Lorraine Fidler for holding things down in the Fat City Superstore.

Below, the photo rumination continues...

OK, above, there he is with that look again. Recall my little Photoshop job of last year...

LOL! Fuggedaboudit.

More to come...


After a number of days in Seoul and Osan ROK, Cheryl is now on Okinawa. She heads to Tokyo tomorrow, from where she returns to San Francisco and Walnut Creek on Sunday. Missin' her big-time.

She says "hi" to everyone from afar.

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