Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Vimeo, and other stuff

OK, I just subscribed to this cool upscale new video service, "Vimeo," another venue through which to tout our peeps. Check these out:

Jazz from Gallo on Vimeo.

Below, this one is my first upload:
My friend Nathan Tanouye is the trombonist and a writer/arranger with Las Vegas's Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns (our best Vegas casino show players. The Fat City Horns are now with Bette Midler, and most of the other band members are sprinkled throughout our other major shows).

Nathan is a young genius musician. He did a big band side project a while back for Russ Freeman's widow Carolyn entitled "Crossings" (for the title song, which he composed). When I heard it, it evoked "Saving Private Ryan" in my head, so I put this short excerpt montage together in iMovie to express the emotion it triggered. And, I told him "bro', you should be writin' movie scores."

The D-Day cemetery shots are ones I took while over in the UK and France in 2004 with my wife and son, and the trailing shots are of my recently departed Dad, who fought in WWII along with all four of his brothers.

Only Pop and my uncle Warren survived the war. I didn't find that movie all that entertaining. It was too close to home. Pop left a leg behind in Italy after crashing in a glider, and one of my uncles (one of my Ma's brothers) was in the D-Day landing, puking and freaking along with everyone else in one of those landing craft. Spielberg certainly got that stuff right.

Nathan Tanouye's "Crossings" from BobbyG on Vimeo.

OK, broke-assed MoFo that I am any more, I guess I gotta figure out how to acquire an HD video camera and some pro Mac editing/post software.

BTW, I am sorely missin' my Sweetie. Wuss.


Well, at least she's wearin' a white top. I can shoot that.

Maybe I'll see some of y'all there tomorrow night. Great venue.



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