Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27th gig at The Palms

Jeff Ray opened on guitar for Jerry tonight. Awesome as always. Love this cat. Great player, great guy.

OK, moving right along. Time for Fifth Avenue!

Wow, man. That was fine. They did the old "Bread" tune "If", a cappella, and followed it accompanied by a Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns adaption of the Bill Fayne arrangement of "Somethin's Comin'" from West Side Story.

Crowd went wild. Very, very cool.

Other guests onstage tonight, our good bro' Michito Sanchez on percussion, and Nate Wingfield on guitar. Slammin'.

Dave Phillipus subbed on trombone for Nathan tonight. Cat was right on the money all night.

More in the morning. Got a way late start blogging tonight. Stopped off at Smith's at Eastern & Windmill on the way home to pick up a couple of things, and right in the middle of checking out using one of those irritating self-serve checkout kiosks, they had a minor-league robbery dustup. The person who seemed like the only employee on duty chased the perp out into the parking lot, then ran back in to call Five-O, then ran back out, and we're all standin' there, like 'WTF?'

So given my long day (flew back from Walnut Creek today), and the delay tonight. I will have to take up with this again after some Zzzz's. Tired. Got a pretty good inventory of nice shots tonight. Stay tuned...


Nice that they pulled out some tunes not done in a while, e.g., "Turn Your Love Around," "Negrita," "San Diego," "Take My Heart Away," "I Feel Good," and the Tower staple "Get Your Feet Back On The Ground." More shots, randomly...

Below, LOL, Phil continues to play on a busted alto. Apparently those rod screws are not shelf items you can just pick up anywhere.

Below, Jamie does his wonderful original song "This Time."

Below, our steadfast friends Danny and Rosa in the house!

Above, after the show with Dr. Lenny, IIRC, this is Christine LaMarca's sister (not sure I got that right). Christine's husband Abe LaMarca will be with Santa Fe this Saturday night at Palace Station (don't forget, midnight, free show!)

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