Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 1st show at the Trop LV - post-gig report

BobbyG just got home from a long first day back at work. It was good (but very tiring). I felt extremely welcomed back. I have some great new additional hires to work with, along with many of my former colleagues -- all of whom are totally nice.

Let the blogging begin...

Serena Henry in the House !!! Wow (she sang on "Use Me Up").

I'm just gonna look at shots and post 'em randomly (just now dumped the camera into iPhoto)...

Below, I know I' m gonna wear out this shot (bari sax closeup), but it's just low-hanging fruit, compositionally.

Above, before the show backstage directly behind the stage front. It's a huge area, with multiple parked sets idling in the dark.

Great energy in this show. Lotta covers, starting with the venerable opening Earth, Wind, & Fire medley, as well as tunes such as "Brother to Brother" "Use Me Up," "Soul Trilogy," "I Feel Good." and the finale "We Are Nothing." Originals included "Into The Light," Greazy Thing," and "Oh, "Nena".

Sorry to keep y'all waiting.

Your humble servant.

- BobbyG

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bruce, who we met at the House of Blues on Monday night and insisted that we join him at the Tropicana to experience Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns. Man, what a stoke of luck that I struck up a conversation with this stranger who knows what he's talking about when it comes to great music. As a life long Tower of Power fan, I've finally found another band that can funk it up with the best. Monday was I show I'll never forget! Can't wait for the next trip to Vegas.