Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1st show at the Trop LV

Also, tonight in the Celebration Lounge adjacent the Tiffany Theater after the show, the Tom Elan Big Band! Join us.
Also today, the Jerry Lopez interview on InsideMusicast.

Awesome. InsideMusicast is a great, great resource. They do a fabulous job.


As some of you know, I return to my former day job (medical information technology consultant for our NV-UT Medicare QIO contractor) tomorrow morning after a 3 year layoff (3 yrs to the day today). Consequently, there will be no more staying up 'til 4 or 5 am doing the blog updates. Gotta get home right after the show and squeeze in some decent Zzzzz's so I can be functional at 8 on Tuesday mornings. Blogging will have to wait 'til after I get home from the office. Eventually I plan on acquiring a fully racked-out MacBook Pro with which to do at least some live blogging right from the show

Hang with me, my friends.

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