Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 8th gig at the Trop LV

My post-show blog report will have to await after my getting back home from the new day gig. It was a great evening. Stay tuned, check back in...

7:40 a.m. Tuesday... gotta run off to work, but here are a few more shots for now. I'll finish up tonight after I get off, and after I go hang with Ma at the nursing home.

Below, Rudy Regalado in the house!!


OK, I'm home from work, then the nursing home, then the grocery store... First of all, Jerry, Jamie, Gabe, Lenny, and Tim Scott will be doing another "Negrita Night" show tomorrow at 10 pm at The Bootlegger. I'm gonna try to slide by for a while. I have a business dinner related to my new day gig at Panevino from 6:30 to 10. If it doesn't run long, I'll try to be there.

Last night's set list:
  • Horn Thang, into South American Sojourn
  • Ev'rybody Wants to Love You
  • Come Together
  • Negrita
  • My Land of the Sun
  • After the Love Has Gone
  • When the Curtain Goes Up
  • Higher Ground
  • San Diego
  • Soul Trilogy
  • Living For the City
Nice mix of legacy and new stuff, covers and originals. The various horn and keyboard solos were off the hook, as was Rochon's customary take-no-prisoners bass ride.

BTW: The band finally got together for a pro studio band shot. Below, cropped and inserted in a Trop LV ad:

More random scenes from a fine hang...

LOL (above). On A Mission From God. Gotta love the Jake/Elwood look. All he lacked were the fedora and the shades...

One thumpin' evening. A great show.

Above, the ass-kicking post-show big band hang. Hate that I can no longer stay for that, but, (below) shortly after midnight I'm in my ride about to pull a southbound U-ey on the Strip at Trop and whiz on home.

Lotta shots last night (I dumped 153 into iPhoto when I got home). I have more usable ones, but I'm runnin' outa time. Our homie Johnny O also sent me a bunch of his shots from the gig and said I could use 'em, e.g.,

Thanks, bro'.

Maybe I'll see some of you tomorrow night at the Bootlegger. Check the "Around Town" links column for other gig updates.


Funny, via Cuz Jojo's younger brother, my NJ sportswriter Cuz Paulie.

Confucius say, "If you are in a book store and cannot find the book for which you search, you are obviously in the..."



Tammi Fuller said...

WOW!! I've heard around town about this band so I thought I would check it out. This was the first time seeing you guys and it was fantastic.From the Musicians to the professional presentation of the Lighting and Sound you could tell you guys have been together for awhile and it showed.Bobby G your photos are amazing,it's so hard to get great concert photos but you do it. Some how you capture the fabulous lighting design and individual members in the photos,kudos to the Bands lighting designer the pools of colors and patterns just fit every song, Tell him thanks!! Is he for hire? And the sound was great, you could just feel it shaking you. But not in a bad way. Keep up the Terrific work guys,I will sure tell all my friends and co workers about this great show!!!Could you pass this on to the band.Thanks.

Unknown said...

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