Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sons of Champlin at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma March 6th

Quick initial picture post. Been a busy weekend. I've only been home about 45 minutes. More to come...

It was way cool. Place was packed beyond legal capacity. It is, after all, the epicenter of what I call "The Ungovernable Tribal Region of Champlinistan."

Bobby Vega is now on bass with The Sons. Cat humps it big-time. Very tasty player.

Tal Morris sat in on guitar and lit it up, even to the point of he and Bill simultaneously playing right hands on each others' axes, LOL!

That was pretty cool.

A few more shots. I didn't shoot all that much, the stage lighting sucked pretty bad, and the aging hippies mosh pit crowd proximate to the stage made it difficult to get many decent vantage points. Geoff Palmer and the horn cats were pretty much in the dark.

Cheryl and I had a great time, just taking it all in.

Below, Carmen Grillo just fries on guitar.

Lotta legacy Sons tunes in the set: "Rooftop," "Freedom," the notorious-in-the-day "Get High"...

Will Champlin
(Bill and Tam's genius son) had been scheduled to open, but had to cancel. They called in some John Prine-ish "roots music" local cats known as "The Good Sinners."
They went over quite well. Very nice.

The Sons tour continues...


Cheryl and I stayed overnight in Petaluma, then got up and went over to Bodega Bay for some day-tripping and brunch. We then drove back down CA 1 (wow!) and went back across the Golden Gate Bridge, and she took me to SFO for my return flight back to Vegas. I have just had the best weekend. Been missin' her really bad.

A particular highlight of my weekend was finally meeting Greg Errico. He's tight buds with my old friend and '60's San Francisco drummer Fred Abruzzo. Greg invited us to his home in Petaluma to hang prior to the Sons show. Never met a nicer cat. We had a great hang.

See y'all tomorrow night at The Trop for our Santa Fe hang!

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Dale Sullivan said...

Great shots, almost feels like I was there! (although it looks like I'd have had to be hangin' from the cieling to get in!)