Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 15th show at the Trop LV

It's 12:30 a.m. I'm dumping my shots before I crash. Blog update will be completed after I get off from the new day gig tonight. I gotta be at the office by 8. Great show tonight. The band was slammin'. Brent Carter sat in on vocals and Brian Nova sat in on guitar. Bill Zappia subbed on keys for Dave, and Garrett Hypes filled in for Eric.

They made Nathan come out during System of Survival and throw down his dance moves, LOL!

More to come. Check back.


I'm back from work, the nursing home, and the grocery store.
Tuesdays are a bitch, man... Tonight's cuisine, so I can get right to blogging, is a Trader's Joe's organic pesto pizza (which I embellish with garlic powder, ground dried red chili peppers, and Parmesan cheese).

Great set list mix:
  • Horn Thang into Just Kidding
  • Fred Hammond flourish into Pack It Up
  • San Diego
  • Salvation
  • Come With Me
  • Take My Heart Away
  • Get Your Feet Back on the Ground
  • Ain't That Peculiar?
  • Wishing Well
  • Soul Trilogy
  • System of Survival
Arrangements were particularly tight and crisp this time. Great band energy. I think "Pack It Up" set the ambience for the night; it was way, way nasty.

Gotta love the new eclectic jackets & ties attire schtick (replete with the Chuck Taylor "Converse All Stars" footwear in some cases). I give up on whining about the dark clothes. They all look great. To wit, randomly...

A great night. One of so many. Below, the ever-so-cool big band post-show hang out in the Celebration Lounge...

Thanks to all of you for coming out. Without YOU, we are nothing.

BTW, rumor is that Carlos Reyes is comin' back to guest with us next week, along with our Berklee (now alum) Soul Sistah Amanda Corvini. Save the date! It'll be "off the chain!"


Don't forget that tonight is yet another "Negrita Night" at The Bootlegger at 10 pm (S. LV Blvd at Robindale) featuring Jerry, Lenny, Jamie, Gabriel, and Tim Scott. Great songs, great playing and singing, a great hang.

Then tomorrow night, Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas returns again to The Bootlegger, also 10 pm, for another evening of fine Gypsy Djazz. Tonight HCLV is at Money Plays Lounge on Flamingo (between Arville and Decatur) for their "Gypsy Go Braugh" party, 10 pm.

Also, tomorrow night, the Lon Bronson All Stars appear in the Ovation showroom at Green Valley Ranch at 9 pm. Unspecified "Big Strip Star" slated to be a guest.

Check my "Around Town" link column listings on the right for more on who's where this week.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos...thanks so much. Tyriq looks so handsome! Wish I could have seen Nathan dance.