Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let the healing continue

The following is a "blinded" copy of an email sent to Santa Fe's Gabriel Falcone by one of his musician friends. He agreed to let us post it on the blog. I took out any personally identifiable references out of respect for his privacy. I'd asked that we be permitted to share his important and relevant thoughts and feelings. They certainly reflect many of my own.

- BobbyG



It was great to see you Monday at Boulder Station and yes, that venue is definitely a huge step forward - it was a pleasure. It's been a while since I've come out to see Santa Fe and I thoroughly enjoyed the band in its current form. Dave's arrangements are "the shizzle", the band is incredibly tight, Pepe sounded great, I couldn't believe how great EVERYONE was singing and man, I gotta tell you - your percussion solo totally took me by surprise. I was really impressed and excited to watch your performance.

I don't think I've seen you play like that before, so please accept my genuine respect and compliments, you sounded absolutely great and it was very uplifting and inspiring for me to see that. Thank you!

Since my house gig is ending on short notice after 2 years, I've battled a couple mood swings; from driven and motivated down to worried and somewhat depressed. I guess that's normal at first and even though I'm confident that I'll manage to keep working, I'm still somewhat nervous since I have a mortgage and obviously want to keep what I've built and worked my ass off for in the last couple years.

I'm glad to find myself maturing more into the positive, creative mindset though at this point and actually, seeing great musicians playing their ass off last Monday and feeling the joy that projected from that stage really helped me to focus my thoughts again and look forward to the opportunities ahead instead of dwelling on the problems.

I'm now actually kinda waiting to end that house gig and feel very excited to play different music again -- play with better musicians (without a computer), feel the joy of being a musician, the joy of being creative, be challenged and learn, evolve, grow, be inspired by the people I play with. All those things that make our lives as musicians so special and that sometimes don't quite materialize in a lounge band, being a sideman to a Mac G5.

In short - I know you guys are working 7 days a week also and sometimes it's hard to still pull off the Santa Fe gig, to find the strength and inspiration. So please know that this time around your effort and dedication has made a big difference for me at this particular time of change in my life. It gave me inspiration as a musician and lifted my spirit as a person. It gave me my spark back. It felt really f***ing good and I needed that.

Thank you! I hope to see you soon and send you my warmest regards,



Yeah, bro'. Bless you.

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