Sunday, February 12, 2006

Throwin' down at Sedona with Ronnie Foster

Every Friday and Saturday at Sedona, starting at 10 pm, Jerry, Jamie, and Gabe of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, along with bassist par excellance Blaise Sison, get together to make great music with incredible keyboard master Ronnie Foster of the Clint Holmes show. Da boys wuz layin' down the jazz and funk last night! Man! I threw a little PhotoPaint watercolor effect on Jerry (below). Click on the pic.

My wife Cheryl, my blessed, ageless Main Squeeze of 32 years, arranged for my 60th birthday party at Sedona last night. What a fabulous evening. Thanks to all my family and friends who came. Thanks to Ronnie and the guys in the awesome band. I love you all. And, thanks also to the gracious Sedona staff for the wonderul service.

BTW- Runnin' Ronnie Foster is the only dude near my age I've found who is more of a total gym rat hoop-it-up maniac than yours truly, the orthopedic clinic regular BobbyG. Ronnie got serious 2-Guard Game, and can be found at 24 Hour Fitness Sport clubs and elsewhere around town at all wee hours, runnin' the homies into the floor. We hooked up on court in Henderson a couple of weeks ago, and left some young bucks scratchin' they heads (of course, to be honest, we had the MVP services of my one-man wrecking crew, everywhere-at-once 19 yr old nephew Chasley, makin' our Old School butts look good!). My good fortune truly runneth over.

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