Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rippin' at the Railhead

Monday, February 13th, Railhead Saloon at Boulder Station. A 14 Alarm Fire, as usual. It's a wonder they don't set off the sprinkler system. Great venue, beautiful decor. The stage lighting and sound system are first-class. (Though, to be honest, were it my room, I'd be hangin' some angled ceiling arrays of heavy theatrical valances to knock out the muddling low and mid-Hz standing waves. Lotta hard surfaces in Railhead. Just my acoustical physics $0.02. I'm just sayin'.)

BTW- We now own Google results ranking. This blog has been up now for a mere 3 weeks, but if you go to Google.com and type in "Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns" (w/the quotation marks) you'll pretty much always get this blog, the band's homepage, my recurrent Santa Fe Craigslist posts, and my Wikipedia entry all on page one of Google results. This is no accident. BobbyG is workin' the 'net; a meta-taggin', reciprocal-linkin' fool. We ain't payin' dime one for this "positioning," either.

In fact, that's one simple, clean, to-the-point I-15 billboard slogan marketing hook idea (...billboards...hmmm...I wuz drivin' up the 15 to the office yesterday...hmmmm...):

Google THIS!
"Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns"
When you gotta have your Grease and Salsa HOT!!!

Pay it forward, y'all...


Anonymous said...

The band was really cookin' last night...probably due to the talent in the audience. Bobby, the pictures you are taking are sensational.

BobbyG said...

Thank you, Mickijay. I'll probably add a couple more to this blog post tonight, that was just a quick pics post this morning when I first crawled outa bed.

We gotta figure out how to make that room SRO. Beautiful venue. Really fun to take pics of the band there. I just hope I don't distract them too much.