Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Playin' with PhotoDraw

This is from one of the pics I shot Monday night at the Boulder Station gig. Rendered it in Microsoft PhotoDraw (their now-discontinued PhotoShop knock-off). Click the image. Then right-click to save and/or send it. Pay it forward. Each one reach one (recursively, just for starters). Without YOU, we are nothing. Spread the word.
UPDATE, FYI- Tony Q just copied me on an email about a live radio segment featuring him and other artists in his management company's stable (Spank Management), being aired Friday, Feb 24th, at 11 a.m. on KLAV 1230am.
Tony wrote:
1) Click on the following link:
2) Then click on "Enter site"
3) Then click on "on air" and listen live
Check it out.
Feb 24, 4:40 am update - outa here to Louisiana shortly: LAS -- > ATL --> BTR on Delta from some laisse bon ton roulette excess this weekend. Got my copy of "The War of Art" with me. See y'all Monday night. - BG

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