Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mickijay profiles Lenny Lopez


By Mickijay

This man is really involved with life, as a family man, a musician and a conservationist! 31 yrs ago he co-founded Santa Fe with Jerry. They were called "Los Hermanitos Lopez y La Compania" and played latin sounds. He was 12! Now he does vocals and percussion but in the early years, it was other instruments. In 1972, he came to Las Vegas, and now lives in Henderson and Teasdale, Utah. He's got 2 daughters, 22 and 21 as well as 2 sons, 9 and 7. How about he's got 3 grandkids! He's newly married at 47 yrs (looks young huh?) and life is looking really good.

As a musician, he likes maintaining a high profile in the group and works with only the best, like Santa Fe but he's open to a special group, if it happens. In May, he's gone for 6 months as a guide in Utah as a First Cast Coordinator (must be a fishing thing). He attended North Texas State, where he played the trumpet but credits his dad for starting the brothers on guitar early in life. Most influenced by Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and Louis Miguel. Pertaining to percussion, it was Hermando Peraza whom he enjoyed the most.

He's recorded with Louis Miguel on "Segundo Romance el Concerto", the original Santa Fe album and did 2 of his own, "Mia" and a Christmas album with Dave Richardson called "Let there be peace on Earth." Bell Music Productions calls on Jerry and Lenny to do jingles...i.e. McDonald's. They do a lot of them. Did we realize that?

He's concerned about protection of cold watersheds in North America and considers conservation essential for the future of the planet. He teaches children about the ecosystem, trout, and salmon protection and preservation/restoration of the habitat. He suggests checking out and

Working with Jerry is awsome, and there is no one he respects or trusts more that his older brother (2 yrs). Both are great fly fishermen ( and they love all sports.


Anonymous said...

OK, Santa Fe followers & fans, here is our March interview with non other than Mr. Philip Wigfall, saxophonist extrordinaire. I have to say, that his improvisational interpretations, his fingering on those valves, and his armature on those reeds, well...we're left astounded & breathless! Taking us on the ride with him is perfectly blended with the other instruments yet gives contrast, depth and interest to sounds that are familiar. I could go on and on about this guy but let's get to some personal information.

OK, he blows the alto sax, flute, some clarinet and even plays some keys. Phil attended UNLV and Berklee School of Music in Boston. Since 9 yrs old, he's had the desire to play. At 18, he had his first professional gig with a local drummer; he's played with Sheena E. from 1991-1999, Clint Holmes & Santa Fe more recently. He admitted to being influenced by Charlie Parker and Paul Desmond and if you listen carefully, you can hear their sounds plus his own. Did you know he lives in Henderson with his wife and two young daughters, ages 4 & 6. Today, he's 41 yrs old, has his own CD called "Cosmic Soul" and his goal to be a solo artist in addition to being a member of the "great" Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns. He mentioned a gig he did in 1997 with Quincy Jones that was outstanding and he remembers doing a tribute to Frank Sinatra at the MGM that was memorable. Earning a living for the family is of the utmost importance to him and did you know that he likes to read H.G. Wells, reads science fiction and enjoys photography. Phil Wigfall, a young man with a brilliant future.

Anonymous said...

Hello , GUYS im so very happy your going to be at the plams we all have missed you's very much. let the healing return.

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