Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 31st, Save The Date!!!

A message from Jerry Lopez

On Monday night, July 31st, Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns will present THE TRIO: Marco Mendoza, Renato Neto, and Joey Heredia as our guest artists.

They have been a source of inspiration to me and many of the Santa Fe band members for years! In fact, our presentations of the songs "Higher Ground," "Livin for the City," and "I feel good" are all songs that we took from their "Live at LaVeLee" Album and then adapted to our band. But the basic arrangements are theirs! And, the Michael Ruff arrangement of "Come Together" was originally performed and co-arranged by the TRIO, as well as Michael's song "We are Nothing" (Got me on my knees)! Marco and I go way back to the early 80's in Las Vegas and I've been close with Joey for at least 15 years now, as well as with Renato.

These three incredible musicians put out as much energy and as much music as all 14 of us in Santa Fe, and we want to share them with our awesome music-loving audience. We know that you will love them as much as we do. It's going to be a night to remember.

Marco, Joey, and Renato

Notes from BobbyG

My man Brad Cordle is appearing this week at Brendan's Pub in the Orleans with the equally awesome Tim Scott. Check 'em out! Brad is one excellent singer. Support these cats.

Smoothgroovers update:

Our UK friends have set up a web portal, see Yeah, very cool. I, for one, totally dig their philosophy:

The Smooth Groovers Review Podcast has been out since Oct 05. In addition to Smooth Jazz we love Jazz-Funk, Funk, Soul and Disco oldies and include these in our podcast too. Amazingly we get about 20,000 hits per month for our podcast - We're just some folks getting together for memories and more! ...

Life is too short, we need to respect each other and aim for harmony and equality.

People who believe that true celebrities are those that care for each other and who give service to humanity selflessly NOT ones that want their faces on the broadsheets or in glossy's showing off their mansions!

Those that agree that 'To become enlightened, we must first become a light'!

Lunchtime update:

Just got a nice email from one of our east coast Santa Fe fans (thanks, Bette). In her email footer is a link to the following, way worth noting:

"The Ricky Martin Foundation advocates for the well being of children around the globe in critical areas such as social justice, education and health." ... "
As advocates of children’s rights we focus our work in benefiting this most vulnerable population around the world by supporting structured, equal opportunity initiatives that will secure children the right to be children, and provide them a more promising life."

P.M. Update

My good friend Steve Tuminello hipped me to a band comprised of some of his pals (incuding a cousin) from Louisiana, Stormy," now appearing at The Stardust through July 16th.

Shoot, let's go check 'em out and give 'em a Vegas locals' welcome. Laissez les bon ton roulette!

A brief policy suspension

I know, I know, I said 'no politics on the blog,' but this is just too funny (mp3 audio):

The GOP'er's Lament
(to the tune of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA")

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