Monday, July 17, 2006

Without YOU, we are nothing


I thought about handing out a paper & pen survey at the gig, and I may still do so (but that'd be kind of a hassle for everyone), but, I am asking all of you to respond here in the comments. You can do so anonymously. I know y'all are out there checkin' the blog. Please, give us some feedback:
  1. What's your favorite Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns tune? (original or cover)
  2. Would you buy a Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns t-shirt?
  3. Would you buy a Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns baseball cap?
  4. Would you buy a Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns poster?
  5. Would you buy "Fat City Sauce" or "Salsa"? (assuming we made sure it was kick-ass good)
  6. What other ideas would you recommend for "stuff"?
  7. Have you bought the CD?
  8. Have you bought the DVD?
  9. If you had to pick just one, what tune would you like the band to work up?
  10. Who are your other favorite artists?
  11. Who would you like to see "sit in" as guest artist(s) with the band?
  12. If we got "our own room," -- i.e., perhaps a "four-wall" deal where we were taking the sole financial risk, or even more of a traditional showroom gig where there's normally a cover, what would you be willling to pay in order to support this band?
  13. Relatedly, what would be a reasonable fee to "become a member"? The idea being you'd pay for a membership card (annual?) that gets you in without a cover, but that you could loan to a friend when you couldn't make it? Is that even of any interest?
  14. Is there anything you'd recommend for improvement?
  15. What is your age?
  16. Gender?
  17. Do you live in Vegas?
  18. If not, where do you live?
  19. Also, if you're from out of town, how often do you come to see the band?
  20. Answer any other question(s) I've failed to ask. Just whatever's on your mind when you think about this band. Without you, we are nothing. Talk to us.

So, Pepe is throwin' down big time during his drum solo in "We Are Nothing," and where are the guys? Partyin' in the dressing room...

Below: a bit of a different perspective, on the drum riser...

Rochon Westmoreland (below) leaves 'em speechless yet again.

Gabriel Falcon is a percussion machine! Below Gabe, Phil Wigfall lays into it. I am not kidding ya, you need to buy Phil's Solo CD, it is way, way excellent.

Below: Gil, Rob, and Jamie, respectively.

What a band! I got more pics, but I gotta crash now. More later. Remember, we want to hear from y'all, please give us your feedback (see above). Below, one last lick here: How 'bout I drop a little watercolor action on this front line shot? 'eh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK Bobby, you asked for it!

Favorite song is CANTA CON MIGO... Jerry's guitar solo in the beginning gives me chills.

I would buy a Santa Fe t-shirt and a keychain... maybe a baseball cap!

I think I got the first copy hot off the press of the CD and DVD!
I heard Jerry sing GOLDEN LADY by Stevie Wonder and would love to hear the whole band do it.

I have so many other favorite artists, right now it's Ricky Martin, Santana, Joss Stone, Marc Anthony, Shakira, Trans Siberian Orchestra... to name a few!

I'd love to see Carlos Santana sit in with this band. I know it's a pipe dream, but why not?

I'd definitely pay to see this band.. I already do every time I go to see them back Clint Holmes. It's the band I go to see! SSSHH, don't tell Clint!

I try to get out and see them at least twice a year or if there's a special gig happening. Wish it was more, but can't afford it!

I can't thank Jerry enough for inviting me to that first "jam with friends" about 5-6 years ago.

They leave me gushing like an idiot after every show and high on the music for weeks! LOL!

(I've worked with Ricky Martin's fan club and pretty much know what the fans want from an artist. E-News letters are a good idea.

You'll need a membership package that might include a CD of some music not available to anyone else. Bios and photos of all the guys.

We had pens, keychains and bumper stickers made up to include in the membership package. You could add a welcome to the fan club letter from the band, signed by everyone. I make pin back buttons for different events with a photo, date & city on them. The fans love them. Fans are fickle when it comes to paying to join a fan club... we get it all the time with Ricky's club. I think you'd make out better selling T-shirts, hats, key chains, stuff like that tosupport a fansite.

This is just some of the stuff we do with Ricky's fan club and maybe it will give you some ideas. You're doing an incredible job so far!

All the best