Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, July 10th, another special night

Tonight the healing continues, starting at 10:15 pm.. The incredible six-man a capella group Mosaic is coming to throw down as our special guests. Check out their awesome flash website,

Uhhh....duhh...blab...blub...Y'know, it's friggin' pointless to even try to describe the excellence of what I've just witnessed tonight. The band was ramped up to 'incineration.' The crowd was goin' clinical. And, Mosaic just leaves you shaking your heads and lexically-mangled speechless. You can't tell there are no instruments (hmmm...saves a lot of cash on axes and amps!).
They sat in and treated us to three mind-bending tunes. A Category 6 vocal hurricane, these cats. They're here at the Flamingo with George Wallace through the 15th (I think). You simply gotta check their website. Then buy their CD. I know I will be doing so.

Below: nailed a pretty fair shot of the fabulous Johnnie Johnson whuppin' ass on guitar during "System of Survival." When Johnnie throws down that funk rhythm guitar, widespread cases of Happy Feets are inevitable.

A great night tonight. The two new Bill Champlin tunes, "Satisfaction" and "Same Old Song" were kick-butt intensely fine (that cat is my all-time hero).

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