Monday, July 24, 2006

The Steven Lee Group, at Red Rock

OK, the Mayor of Fat City is outa town, doing the Jimmy Kimmel show all week, and the Horns are sadly silent tonight (and my honey is once again out of town). What's BobbyG to do? Well, ya go to Red Rock Station, on the advice of Ron Crews, to the Rock's Lounge to check out The Steven Lee Group.

These cats are fine! Yikes. Yellowjackets / Spyro Gyra, etc quality. A few mp3 samples here and here and here. We are so blessed with superior talent here. Check out their website. Buy their CDs (I know I will). Below, my frigging one decent pic of the night (batteries failed, and my spares were no good either, musta picked up the wrong set). Steve plays his ass off, as does everyone in the band.

BTW: I had to good fortune to see the venerable Tommy Alvarado at the gig. What a nice cat (and a great, great sax player and singer). If you haven't yet been to the Sunday night jazz jam he hosts at The Hurricane (link on the links panel on the right), you are missing some serious action.

UPDATE: Rocco Barbato...

The sax player in the Steven Lee Group is just too cool. Click here for his website (Flash-enabled, BTW), and here for a nice article about him.

Serious Bad Boy. BobbyG be Diggin' it!


Just got my copy of the Steven Lee Group "From The Ground Up" CD from CD Baby. Not [bleep]ing ya, this stuff is excellent! We sat down to supper tonight and listened to the whole thing. Cheryl said "I can't wait to go hear them." Go to their website, and if ya order their CD, they provide you with a link where you can download a whole 'nuther CD worth of mp3 live performance cuts (which are equally fine). I am one happy camper right now. They recorded this CD using Bob Lentini's SAWstudio application. See First-rate, absolutely first-rate.

The fabulous Jeanne Quinn did the cool CD artwork (PDF file), and did their website, too. What an artist she is! This is one fine, fine product everyone who loves good jazz and funk should own.
Not [bleep]ing ya.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was reading random blogs out of boredom and I came across yours and I saw that you wrote about my dad, Tommy Alvarado!

He's a really cool guy, it's great that you like him!

Thanks for the support.

David Alvarado.

[not the musician David Alvarado]

BobbyG said...

Yes, David, your Dad is a really cool guy, a great musician and singer. And he's always been totally nice to me.

I am blessed to now know him.

Thanks for posting.