Sunday, July 02, 2006

Piddling around on the 'net while Jonesin' for tomorrow night

First of all, Bill Keffury gave me his card the other night when I saw him at Ronnie Foster's gig at The Artisan. Go to his internet radio station website,, download and install either the Winamp utility or the requisite plugin for Windows Media, and then click on "Listen." Yeah, man, very nice. I dig it.

Second, I was just Googlin' to see our our latest search results rankings. I tol' y'all that I was gonna own the search results visibility for the band over time. Well, six months into this blog all ya now gotta do is Google "Fat City Horns" (even without quotation marks any more) and our stuff always shows up on page one of Google search results. And I didn't pay a penny for this. (You can buy positioning on Google or the other search engines. Homie Don't Tink So.) Meta-tags, baby, meta-tags (reciprocal links help too).

So, this morning I simply entered two words -- "fat horns" (again, without quotes), just for grins. Yep, there's my Santa Fe Wikipedia entry right there on one page one. The point is, you wanna increase the likelihood of getting found with the fewest terms. Now, it oughta be obvious that "Santa Fe" alone won't do -- you'll get hundreds of pages of hits relating to the actual Santa Fe, New Mexico. Neither will "Jerry Lopez" do. I'd imagine that'd be sorta equivalent to "John Smith" in Whitey WASP World (although, y'know, I just tried it and, gratifyingly, Jerry's own site came up first. But, then there was nothing about Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns until page 5 of Google results).

OK, so, among the things I found using the terms "fat horns" is this cool blues band based in Iowa, "Fat Tuesday and The Greasefire Horns" ("fat" + "horns" in Google, LOL!):

Check the cat 3rd from the right. Their front dude, Jimmy "Midnight Cowboy" Pryor. He's gotta be 90 years old now according to his considerable bio on the website. My man, I salute you.

Check their mp3 music samples. It's pretty much straight-ahead blues (a bit funky too), very nicely done. Three piece horn section. I'd like to hook these cats up with my Nashville bud Jellyroll Johnson for a show out here sometime.

BTW- Tomorrow night at The Palms is gonna be off the Richter Scale, folks. We will be crammed with crazy fans gettin' healed.


I been emailin' back & forth today with singer-writer Dianna Paige about us maybe getting together to work up some semi-acoustic stuff (I'm really itchin' to play and write again). Her end-domestic-violence charitable work with Artists for Change is extremely worthy. Please check out "The Goddess Within Project" and donate (buying the CD helps). Also, be be sure to check out Dianna's music samples on This tune "We Had It All Before" is really very, very nice (mp3 cut). My immediate reaction was "Basia!"

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