Saturday, July 15, 2006

More healing needed

I hereby move that all world leaders, in particular those in the intractably violent Middle East, be rounded up, brought under guard to Vegas, and remanded to sit and listen to Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns for 24 horns straight. Nothing else seems to be working.

This latest sad crap is too personal for me. My early '60's New Jersey high school garage band sax player, Mike
("Johnny and The Embers"), is now an eminent clinical psychologist who emigrated to Israel some 20 years ago. A couple of years ago he and his son Dov came to the States and visited with us here in Vegas. They are the nicest, loving people. Dov plays guitar and is way into music.

Dov (who doesn't look at all old enough) is now a tank commander in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). I watch the news now with great apprehension every day. He's just a kid.

Just to be clear: I am neither reflexively "pro" ar "anti" anyone over there (with the obvious exception of pukes like bin Laden and his posse). One of our dearest friends going back decades is an attorney of Lebanese descent. I am simply pro-healing, pro-peace. I posted this page several years ago as my nation prepared to invade Iraq. I am simply heartsick at the way we humans continue to treat each other when we fail to get our way.

Yeah, I know; it's complicated. Let there be healing, in each of us.

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