Thursday, December 21, 2006

Everyone have a great Holiday!

Video courtesy of Steve Tuminello and Dave Siefkes. See note below.

I'm outa here on the episodic red-eye tonight to Florida again, be back late Sunday. Hope everyone has a great Holiday. (3rd pic, the Meshuggah Beach Party Band, LOL! They call themselves"The Chosen Surfers")

BTW- I've starting building a Fat City Horns website for the guys, see We'll get content in place ASAP.

OK, before I split, couple of funny things. [1] from an email I got yesterday. Draw your own conclusions.
MUSIC 1936 vs. 2006

You be the judge as to how far we've progressed in 70 years:

The Oscar winning song from 1936

"The Way You Look Tonight
From: Swing Time (1936)
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
Music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Dorothy Fields

Someday when I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow
Just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight

Oh, but you're lovely
With your smile so warm
And your cheek so soft
There is nothing for me
But to love you
Just the way you look tonight

With each word
Your tenderness grows
Tearing my fear apart
And that laugh
That wrinkles your nose
Touches my foolish heart

Lovely, never ever change
Keep that breathless charm
Won't you please arrange it
'Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight

The Oscar winning song of 2006

"It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"
from Hustle and Flow (2006)
Music and Lyrics by Jordan Houston, Cedric Coleman and Paul Beauregard

You know it's hard out here for a pimp (you ain't knowin)
When he tryin to get this money for the rent (you ain't knowin)
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent (you ain't knowin)
Will have a whole lot of bitches talkin shit (you ain't knowin)
(Academy Award show version: Will have a whole lot of witches jumpin ship!)
In my eyes I done seen some crazy thangs in the streets
Gotta couple hos workin on the changes for me
But I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe on game night
Like takin from a ho don't know no better, I know that ain't right
Done seen people killed, done seen people deal
Done seen people live in poverty with no meals
It's fucked up where I live, but that's just how it is
It might be new to you, but it's been like this for years
It's blood sweat and tears when it come down to this shit
I'm tryin to get rich 'fore I leave up out this bitch
I'm tryin to have thangs but it's hard fo' a pimp
But I'm prayin and I'm hopin to God I don't slip, yeah


Man it seems like I'm duckin dodgin bullets everyday
niggaz hatin on me cause I got, hos on the tray
But I gotta stay paid, gotta stay above water
Couldn't keep up with my hoes, that's when shit got harder
North Memphis where I'm from, I'm 7th Street bound
Where niggaz all the time end up lost and never found
Man these girls think we prove thangs, leave a big head
They come hopin every night, they don't end up bein dead
Wait I got a snow bunny, and a black girl too
You pay the right price and they'll both do you
That's the way the game goes, gotta keep it strictly pimpin
Gotta have my hustle tight, makin change off these women, yeah.
Yeah...[2] Then there's this; I'm crashin' around on MySpace these days cyber-hawking the band (uh, not the least bit interested in trollin' for chicks, as seems to be a big MySpace preoccupation). "Jimmy Buffett" is now ostensibly one of my "friends."

Gotta love his bio:
In four hundred words or less, this is what happened from early adolescence until now: I broke out of the grip of Catholicism and made it through adolescence without killing myself in a car. I flunked out of college. I learned to play the guitar, lived on the beach, lived in the French Quarter, finally got laid, and didn't go to Viet Nam. I got back into school, started a band, got a job on Bourbon Street, graduated from college, flunked my draft physical, broke up my band, and went out on the road solo. I signed a record deal, got married, moved to Nashville, had my guitars stolen, bought a Mercedes, worked at Billboard Magazine, put out my first album, went broke, wrecked the Mercedes, got divorced, and moved to Key West. I sang and worked on a fishing boat, went totally crazy, did a lot of dope, met the right girl, made another record, had a hit, bought a boat, and sailed away to the Carribean. I started another band, worked the road, had my second and last hit, bought a house in Aspen, started spending summers in New England, got married, broke my leg three times in one year, had a baby girl, made more records, bought a bigger boat, and sailed away to St. Barts. I got separated from the right girl, sold the boat, sold the house in Aspen, moved back to Key West, worked the road, and made more records. I rented an apartment in Paris, went to Brazil for Carnival, learned to fly, went into therapy, quit doing dope, bought my first seaplane, flew all over the Carribbean, almost got a second divorce, moved to Malibu for more therapy, and got back with the right girl. I worked the road, moved back to Nashville, took off in an F-14 from an aircraft carrier, bought a summer home on Long Island, had another baby girl. I found the perfect seaplane and moved back to Florida. Cameron Marley joined me in the house of women. I built a home on Long Island, crashed the perfect seaplane, lived through it thanks to Navy training, tried to slow down a little, woke up one morning and I was looking at fifty, trying to figure what comes next. You have to take the best from whatever the situation is and go on. That's the whole point of the music to me. All through American history populist singers and humorists have served as the nation's tickle spot, people like Will Rogers and Mark Twain. I see myself in that vein and fulfilling that sort of responsibility. I give people a few shots. It's as much a satirical pinprick as anything else. You just have to remind people of the day-to-day funny things. When I write songs, I look for interesting little innuendoes or pieces of situations everybody has experienced.
I love Buffett. I can relate to that bio, man, LOL! (I have my own wild musician stories, sedate and boring cat that I now am). And, I remember getting puked on at one of his concerts at MGM Grand a few years back, where the average fan blood alcohol content seemed to start with a friggin' integer!

Yeah, MySpace is pretty interesting. "Cyber-crack," it's sometimes called. But, lotta good music clips on the seemingly endless artist sites (e.g., listen to "King of the World" on Toto's page. Yes!). BTW- You will notice a significant dearth of scantily-clad boobie/bootie pics among my increasing retinue of "friends." I'm there to network the music. So, you porno hustlers, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and grifters that putatively want to be my "friend," No Sale.


I got back from Florida late last night. Glad to be home.

Awoke to some sad news: James Brown has died in Altanta, Only 73 years old. Rest in peace, Brother James. I know the band will be extra funky in your honor next Monday.

Secondly (below), as if we needed any more evidence of global warming. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt any more, it's now also the Chukchi Sea in December.

In other Yuletide news: Ric Gould's interview with Santa Fe's Dave Richardson and Lenny Lopez airs on his Christmas music show on 97.1 FM The Point this morning. Ric will be playing cuts from the fantastic Christmas CD Dave and Lenny produced. Listen in if you can. Stream it live by clicking here. I have it playing on my iMac right now as I type this.


An email from Steve Tuminello:

I was just on your blog and saw the short music video “Feliz Navidad” that Dave and I produced through ACTA Entertainment Group in collaboration with Dave’s, Desert Lake Studios (Inside his Apple G4)

We both put a lot of time and some minimal expense in to producing this. Our Camera Man was a professional with International credits working in Ireland on a Golf series with CNBC (His first assignment out of UNLV Film School) He also shoots the cable television show "Overhaulin" and "The Ultimate Fighter" Reality Television Show. His name is T.C. Williams and I just talked to him on a shoot he is on in Ohio on the National BMX League. He is no lightweight! Mike Coruzzi of Bullseye Films sent T.C. out to do the shoot for us and provided the Camera Equipment. Bullseye stays busy between L.A. and Las Vegas doing their craft. At ACTA Entertainment and Desert Lake Studios we use only the best! Our "new" friend T.C. did not want to leave after the Feliz Navidad shoot and stayed almost till the last song of the second set even though he had to get up early the next morning. He was digging what the boys were doing so much and it just warmed my heart to see this 25 year old enjoying what we do most every Monday night. What Santa Fe is doing crosses all generations.

I did not see any mention of what this you tube video was or who produced it.

We are looking to build our Credits and this would be our first production! Ha!

Come on now this didn’t just drop out of the sky!

If you are going to be the Editor-in-Chief of the blogspot, "Bloggy G," you have to exercise responsible journalism!!!

Just Kidding! We’ll have to give you a pass this time due to the Holidays and your trip back to Florida to take care of your parents.

Thanks for posting it.


Duh, yeah, cringe. I just dropped the YouTube link code in there after I got back from Florida and forget to add a cite.


Cholly said...

Bobby - only one of my ALL TIME favorite songs! "Just the way you look tonight"! Thanks for posting the lyrics. I don't know quite what that other one is - for 2006. Hmmmm. Kinda scares me!!
Loved the bio by Buffet! All in a nutshell. LOL.
Enjoy your Holidays, all!! "Tidings of comfort and joy"!
Cholly Milcic

BobbyG said...

Hey, Cholly, hope you had a great Christmas. Send me an email if you wanna talk songwriter stuff, or whatever. Be eglad to share some of my other tunes with ya.