Saturday, December 02, 2006

TUNE IN: 97.1 The Point interview with Jerry

OK, tomorrow, Sunday, December 3rd, 97.1's Ric Gould will interview Jerry Lopez et al from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. My understand is that he will play and they will discuss some Santa Fe material from the live CD. Please tune in. I will be there at the studio to get some still shots for us, and Steve and Dave plan on getting some video (which we may convert to YouTube and post). Click here for a live audio streaming link if you want to listen from your computer.

This is very nice of Ric, and we greatly appreciate it. We're gonna ask that they capture it and convert the audio to a podcast that we can post on the band's website and this blog.


Ric and Jackie Gould are the nicest people! We'll see if we can convert the interview to an mp3 podcast format and post it for those who didn't get to hear it live (and Steve Tuminello shot some video during the interview, we'll see about YouTubing some of that). Some pics:

Yeah! Thanks to Ric and Jackie and 97.1 The Point, very gracious of you to give the guys so much airtime. Tune in to 97.1. They're supporting us, we gotta return the kindness.

OK, see everyone tomorrow night at The Palms. I'm leaving for Boston Tuesday mid-day for a week of medical system training, so I'm gonna be hangin' late at the gig tomorrow night.


For the man who has everything, the Kegway!



My bro' Tony Q, tasty Vegas sax player from Boston, just sent out this mp3 clip of his recording of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Very nice, Tony, thanks.

PS- Tony hipped me to another gig he's doing (which also features our own Lenny Lopez, and the fabulous Bill Zappia among other cats). See "Keep on Keepin' On, a Rhythm & Blues, Soul Review."

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