Monday, December 18, 2006

Last gig for 2006

Tonight is gonna be kick-ass, I can just feel it. Be there. Music starts at 10:15 p.m.
OK, I woke up to this cool email forward from Jerry, sent to him by a musician in Chicago. Self-explanatory. Check out this cat's band website. These guys are way cool.
Jerry, A friend of mine moved to Vegas a few years ago and has been telling me about you ever since. I purchased the Negrita CD last year and just bought the Santa Fe album. I can't tell you how much I really enjoy the band.

I've got a ten piece band here in Chicago and wish we had an outlet to perform like you have. I would like to give you some charts that I've written for my band that unfortunately we probably won't get an opportunity to perform. This is an arrangement of Bobby Caldwells "What you won't do for love" by saxophonist Mark Douthit. I think you'll like this. Here's a link to an mp3 file if you're not familiar with this arrangement.

I've also included the charts for you to have. You can check out my songlist here.

Let me know if there is anything else you guys would like to read.

Best of luck.

- Lou Curalli
The band is TNT. We gotta give up props to these cats.

Lotta mp3 samples on their website. Check 'em out. What's really so "small world" amazing to me is Lou's mention of Mark Douthit. Click his name, check out the tune "Con Fuego." Yikes! Recall from the prior post where I cited that Mark had played on one of my demos back in the early 80's in Knoxville. Cat came over to my home studio, unpacked his alto, looked at the head chart, blew the ride in one take. LOL!! Rusty Holloway, who was a neighbor and friend and my bass teacher for a while, kinda dissed guys like Mark (who was a young UTK jazz student at the time) as "just another Sanborn clone." Right, Rusty. There are worse role models, though. I'd say Mark has done very well, and has ploughed his own path.

This is all too wild.


Got an email from Mark Douthit. Cat is busy, and thriving. I love it (the Mambo Blue thing is very, very cool).

Check out his website. Buy his CD. Ric, I got another cat for your Sunday jazz show playlist. Below, Mark onstage with Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, and Spyro Gyra.

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