Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What a night!!

Awesome. Indescribable, really. Ya just had to be there. The band was way aggressive tonight, right from the first tune ("Living For The City"). The funk was thundering all night (Rochon and Pepe together are off the scale; their respective solos tore the house down), and the Fat City Horns were in Shock & Awe mode -- and, they even worked up a very cool Christmas arrangement that they opened the show with. Very, very hip (see below).

It's 2:20 a.m., I'm sitting here waiting for the first of two AVI video files I shot to offload from the camera so I can convert 'em to mpeg and then upload to YouTube and post on the blog -- if I have time. The longer one is Jerry's Flamenco guitar piece. The second is the Fat City Christmas arrangement.

I shot about 70 pics (a lot of 'em suck, but there are some other keepers; I'll get to them ASAP). Don't forget Jerry's Tuesday gig at the E-String in Henderson, with Tommy Alvarado, Bill Zappai, Joel Richman, and Chris Gordon -- Bad Boys all. Sunset out by Valle Verde, 9 p.m. And, next Monday night, the awesome St. Paul Peterson and Jason Peterson DeLaire will again be joining the band onstage. It is gonna be so fine.

Also, go hang at Andy Ebon's new music venue, SoulRadioOnline.com. Andy is a great guy who hangs with Santa Fe all the time. Dude knows his music.

Awright, 9:30 a.m., before I split for McCarran and Boston, lesseee how well this works (will have to wait till I get back to process the Flamenco piece)...


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