Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Post gig report Dec 18th

OK, so the first set goes for about 30 minutes in the dark, 'cuz the light grid was not working (a recurrent problem in The Lounge). No problem for Jerry and the cats, they were pumped and ready to throw down the healing full-bore under any conditions. They just tore into it in the shadows. But, ya know, it'd be nice if this venue had a better grid, IMHO. Just my $0.02.

One of our most enthusiastic regulars is Joerg, the lead character in Cirque's magnificent "KA" show at MGM Grand (which Cheryl and I saw a couple of weeks ago, awesome).

He was front & center again tonight, we sat together. Below, Joerg and friend Shelley.

Subbing on tenor for Rob tonight the excellent Eric Tewalt, currently doing the Toni Braxton gig. Man, the talent!

Some shots from the evening below...

Above: Tyriq Johnson, subbing for brother Johnny Johnson. Yeah! The James Brown splits were fine, bro'! Below, Jerry called up brother-in-law Mundo Juillerat to sit in. Mundo is the Principal Guitarist in the Mamma Mia show at Mandalay Bay, and leader of the wonderful gypsy jazz ensemble Hot Club of Las Vegas (you really gotta check that gig out).

Mundo tore it up. That was so cool. Below, Nathan and Rochon.

Finally, Bette, another loyal Santa Fe fan, showed up from the east coast. Great to finally get to put a face to the name and emails.

'night, all. Below, my immediate future in about 4 and a half hours, LOL!

Everyone have a great Holiday, and a safe one (we can't afford to lose any of you). Remember, the Fat City Council reconvenes at 10 p.m. on New Years' night, January 1st, 2007.

7 a.m. UPDATE

Ugh...OK, I'm up. Yeah, I wasn't trippin' on the drive home last night. There's a dusting of snow at my house, and the mountains all around the valley are white. Nice. BTW- Pic of my new coffee machine below:


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined, an advocate of medical marijuana use said in a study released on Monday...
LOL! My immediate reaction to that observation is that, if the stuff was legal, the aggregate market value would vanish from the macroeconomic radar. It's the illegality that pumps up the price and drives a black market.

Don't know why I even posted that -- I don't do dope (any more, not for decades). I'm simply this boring cat who sips a little wine and cognac. Just that I think our anti-drug policies are moronically counterproductive, despite that fact that I don't advocate walking around messed up (there's better stuff to do). In case anyone's interested, I did my graduate work in this area, on the policy of employment drug testing, which I continue to find surrealistically absurd. My thesis is now 8 years old, but I still have the online draft available in case anyone gives a flip (broken links & all, click here). Bring a Snickers; you're gonna be a while. I am nothing if not thorough. This online stuff constitutes about 80% of the 283 page final cut I defended (and which now gathers dust in the UNLV library). I posted draft material online as I was writing the thesis, and made it publicly available to anyone who wanted to comment/critique the data and arguments. Helped sharpen the work, big-time.

I'm sure I have a dossier at DEA headquarters. [Bleep] 'em.

On the issue of "medical marijuana," I fully support that. I watched it help my Sissy get through excruciating chemo and radiation treatments. It works, I don't care what these ignorant bloviating Washington Suits and other moralizers say.

Thus Endeth The O/T Rant.


Anonymous said...

"Musical excellence in Las Vegas", Ha!

Ironic, that the money-laden Maloofs allow their Palms' Lounge to remain a sonically bankrupt room. It's silo-like design, absent any sort of sound buffering, is a disgrace! And, trying to overcome its shortcomings by blasting megawatts of amplification does NOT solve the problem. Actually, it is an affront to the ears.

Trekking across Las Vegas to hopefully enjoy the great talents of Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns, it is so disappointing to have to walk out (with my hair rattling) due to the bad judgement or incompetence of the sound mixer. What a shame!

Too bad Santa Fe will have to endure another year at the Palms, with no apparent efforts to improve the venue.

I'll be searching for good music elsewhere. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Sydney Keffury says:

After almost a month and a half hiatus, due to travel and work schedules, I was SO excited about seeing the band, and get some healing. The only healing I got was from the Aspirin I took when I got home, for my head! I wasn’t blown away, I was blown out! I LOVE this band, but I cannot endure the bad sound system.

It was ironic what Bobby said about the Maloofs. As I was walking out after the second number, I muttered those exact words. The Maloofs need to get their act together!

Anonymous said...

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